Dear Black People, An end of the Year Message

Dear Black People,
I Love You. though they say that no matter who may rise up to unite as one again, we’re all not meant to meant to unite, I believe that minds can still be changed. It’s true, we’re all not mean to join hands and sing kumbaya. A sad truth that has struck me near the ending of 2014, witnessed from all the things I have seen, heard, and experienced for myself.
Why is this? How is this? 

     Well, we don’t need captain obvious to point out the fact that there are a lot of us who don’t care. There are a lot of us who are in love with the same system which we claim to hate, and a lot of us are in love with the same media outlet that we know is eating up the minds of our children. Why do I say “in love”? Well if you’re comfortable in a situation, you’re in love with it.

A lot of you want to turn up, and not get up… I know, fake it till you make it and all that but, everything has a timeline…

I’ve witnessed in the past few days, first hand, the people I used to know that always turned up, the dudes that was at every party, had the bottles, dressed nice,

The females who gave grace to sleeping with a lot of men, having a lot of men want them, also at every party and dressed nice as well

A lot of them are in the same place I last seen them 3 years ago… 3 years ago….
A lot of them are depressed, they have hate, mostly towards themselves but they cover it up with hate towards others.

Many have become pregnant, still 19 or 20, some now turning 21, and you have a few of your 22’s. At this early age it’s no longer about their lives, it’s about their children. So many dreams have faded to black.

Now of course I’d be a hypocrite if I threw shade towards anyone having children early, but I do know that all of you wake up and go to sleep with some regrets in the back of your mind.
Not that you regret your children, but you regret the time you wasted what you didn’t do to prepare for them.

Your lives are your lives and mine are mine, I know we’re taught to not care about each other but it hurts me.

I went away to college and began an entirely new life with a GED, a lot of you achieved your high schools diplomas and did nothing after and still have done nothing.
Ya chose to stay home, live an average life, be average people, and still dare to gossip about hopes and dreams.
Why? I don’t get it. Why did many of you choose to do nothing?

I asked those questions until someone made it clear to me that many of you know nothing else besides the average trend. Many of you while growing up where not fortunate enough to leave your hometown or state… That pains me too.

I’ve had people tell me recently that I inspire them to go back to school, to make a change, and I’m like no… You guys were supposed to be inspiring me, it was when I knew that I wasn’t graduating with my high school class, and thought everyone was going away to college, that I told myself I need to get up and do something before I get left behind.. What I didn’t know was that I would be leaving people behind…

Look at what has happen to you… Many of you women don’t even feel comfortable in your own flesh, saying things like “slim girls is back in and thick girls are out of style” What?

Saying things like “A Nigga must have tattoos, nice shoes, watch, haircut and steady income in order for him to be a man and meet my standards” What?
Black men identifying their black women as “hoes, thots, sluts, pieces of shit, pieces of property”, and ya black women follow right a long calling ya selves hoes and thots, saying “niggas ain’t shit” as ya allow ya selves to be property..

Black Women no longer feeling beautiful unless they follow a trend, that the media and television shows them as a way to get the attention of men… (The wrong attention).

Black men no longer feeling accepted by the black women unless he has the newest Jordan’s and he’s somebody who’s either talked about at every party or has a large fan base on twitter…

And you women confuse me, because ya get angry when your man has a lot of women after him, or when he has female friends. Yet, those are the things that granted him your attraction to him. You were one of his female friends, you noticed him because of the amount of females that spoke about him, and if it wasn’t for women sharing his name you wouldn’t have noticed him. So you should be thanking his so called “groupies”, because you were once one of them…
Sad to say but the truth must be faced.
This is something that doesn’t just happen around me; it’s going on all around the world…
Black people have been accepting less and leaving their own lives behind just to follow those they seen on reality television.
I want love and unity to be alive again amongst my race, but I understand now that 100% success is just as realistic as the TV shows you guys tune into every Monday Night.

I know there are plenty of you who don’t like me, and wish that people just like me would just shut up forever and fade away. It’s the same people who “protest” post angry status’s and IG pics about your frustration against the white men, yet ya’ll are in the same ship which the white man is captain.

Can fool many but only a fool can be fooled and I am no fool. You guys are just doing what you’re doing for the attention, the drama because you love it, it makes conversation, and it gets you known… And what does everyone want more than anything in this generation? To be known of course.

Another black boy died today, a few black men died in the hands of other black men, a few black women were drugged last night, a couple woke up with a disease they don’t know they have, a few are going to find that they are pregnant in the next few days and will have to face the decision of either taking a life, or raising a child without a father.

But that’s just some more nigga shit isn’t it? And nigga shit happens every day.

Unless it’s on the news and worth conversation that will bring you attention and additional followers and friends to your friends list, let’s be honest, ya don’t give a fuck… Truth be told

It’s just funny when I see a lot of you chat
“fuck the police”, “fuck the white man”,
yet ya rely on them every day, clock in to kiss their boots, and clock out with the “so how I do master?” question.. Hypocrites you are. And even so, why be mad at the “enemy” for being the enemy.
That’s like questioning the devil for being evil, they’re just doing what they’re made to do, and instead of doing what you’re made to do, you’re doing what they have made for you to do… Make their money boy.

Many of you may not know this but I am working on a project, writing my first book which I inspire to be a film and a brand name… My goal is to revive what’s needed amongst the race of my people, and that is love. As I’ve said, I understand that many people cannot be reached because they are fine with how things are…

As J Cole said “she don’t want to be saved, don’t save her” so I’m no longer talking to you.

I no longer will have anything to do with the people who already know me, because you would think that you all would have been my biggest supporters, but no, it’s strangers…

People who don’t know me from adam & eve cheering me on, telling me I can do it, while those whom I called friends are in the shadows, and when I share my ideas, I either don’t get a response or I get a “that sounds good, just keep it up.” Really?

I’ve met new people who are willing to work with me, share their own ideas, and have been my inspiration.

Yet they are not my biggest inspiration nor are they the inspiration for my project. It is you, those who shun me, turn they back on me, laugh & talk about me behind my back, those of you who continue to degrade each other, and degrade yourselves, you are all my inspiration because you continue to show me that there is a reason for me to not give up on the people who needs what I am going to give the world.

So yes, I am done talking to “old friends” and everyone who has known me or known of me for the past couple of years, you live your lives as you see fit, and when the time for when war hits this earth, I pray that you all are ready, and I pray you have made your peace with the most high.

There are about to be a series of events that are going to happen following the “blindsided” events that has already occurred. Just be ready ya, and on your own I hope you realize that the times of hate amongst your own people needs to be extinct, end it!

Dear Black People, We need love more than ever to prepare for what’s coming. The more we continue to divide and backlash ignorantly towards our enemy, the weaker we become….

We’re already dummied down; imagine what they plan to do next…