The Defense Mechanism

When I take trips to other cities, whether it’s to visit family or for business matters, I take either the Amtrak train or the greyhound bus ways of transportation. I usually prefer Amtrak not only because they are more convenient to me personally, but these trains are a lot less noisy, have more room for comfort, and they usually don’t stink! Either way, when I do travel on either the Amtrak or Greyhound I always conduct an experiment. This experiment is, to find an empty row and take the seat by the window ( I love window seats) leaving the seat next to me free, and then await to see if any women willingly sits next to me. They do not. I’m always dressed nice, I don’t smell and I have the appealing look of someone who is comfortable to approach, yet they still refuse to sit next to me.

So why is this? The simple reasoning is that, women have adopted a defense mechanism against men. As I look, I notice that if these women have not already found an open seat, they quickly do an eye scan to see who is seating where and look to the closes seat that is next to by who?..

You guessed it! A woman!

Does it not make sense? Women who have a defense mechanism against men would obviously sit next to another woman. Now, I say they’ve adopted this act because it wasn’t always this way. There was once a time where women excitedly showed their love to men, especially from black women who once expressively showed their strong love and faith in their black men (although this is not a black nor white thing, this includes all women). More alive and openly than what you may see today, there was once a time where these women trusted their men, they looked upon us as their Hercules or their Batman. But those times like many other things in life, has changed.

Throughout the years women have been abused by men, all verbally, mentally, and physically. This was done to them by both men they knew and love, and by men who were strangers. Men, especially young men, publicly announce women as objects, sex objects. Now you have your women that accept this placement and you have those whom despise it. Either way, the majority of women on this planet (if not all) have in their mind that we (men) have in our minds that we just see women as sexual objects whom we disrespect in any fashionably way form that we see fits them. Thus, this is where you get the most popular phrase, “all men are the same.” Which we are not but, you cannot blame them for believing so. Therefore I do not blame these women who choose to not sit next to me even when they see a free seat. I do not blame them for not seeing the young educated lover all women man that I am, because someone has long killed the idea in their minds of a “Good Man.” So I’m instantly a stereotype, thanks guys! Love ya much! But seriously, it is the men who are not being men whom are to blame, because they are stuck in the idiotic “Man Box” and have the fear of getting out. In case you do not know what the man box is, it’s a symbolic cube that holds all the “rules” to how a “man” is supposed to be. Rules such as- Man cannot cry, man cannot express weakness or fear, man must demonstrate power and control (especially over women) and an etc. of other foolish things such as “man should view women as property or objects.” That right there is where they really lost me but I’ll get more into the “Man Box” theory in a later time…

With the damage done, women now have to be shown and given a reason, and I mean a big change of reason, to trust men again… To love men again. To the women who will say, “I Love men! What are you trying to say? That I like women?” Yes and No, vicious Queens. Yes you may “Love” men, but you naturally like women more which there is nothing wrong with, but you have grown to like women more than you love your man. Yes you may say you “love” your man, but you know in the back of your man that, that man does not have 100% of your trust and your faith as he should, and it’s not even all his fault…… To those of you who may say, “How did you get all of this just because a female won’t sit next to you on a train or a bus? Could it be that she doesn’t want to sit next to you?” While that may be true, my response those of you whom may own that comment is this, test the theory out for yourself, conduct the experiment on your own and see what your results are. If I am too far out of the loop I’ am very much welcomed to be corrected but there’s just one thing, I’ll only accept a valid correction from a woman herself. Only she may convince me if my belief that she has a “Defense Mechanism against Men” is bias. Till then…. 
Here is a quick and simple task for you men out there, tell your women, or even a female stranger, tell her 
“Hey, it’s ok, I am safe, I know you’ve been given reasons to believe otherwise but you can trust me. I love your kind, your kind gave birth to me, your kind is the reason I breathe, the reason I work, the reason why my heart beats, and I will never hurt you.’

Hello lady, it’s ok… This seat is safe.


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