Why so f*ckin angry?

The African American Millennial

imagesIt’s something that influences everyone from time to time, some more than others, but everyone nevertheless. ANGER!!! Generally leading up to us hurting the ones we love and who are closes to us, don’t get me wrong this is a problem that attacks people from all walks of life, but I can only have a connection to, and disclose truth from my POV as a BLACKMAN, in my community and through my defaulted association(s) anger has led to relationships, families and friendship falling apart, additionally, it has led to some sort of violence and abuse, be it physical, domestic or verbal.

I don’t believe anyone admires or relishes in not being able to control his or her anger, but like a lot of cultures and communities WE Black People tend to sweep things under the rug, I must make the assumption that it’s easier to ignore things that make us…

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