"I Can Breathe" – Brotherhood Matters

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Brotherhood matters…. I know the current protests are that black lives matter which is true indeed and it is a blessing to have the world unite for such cause… But why have these protests started? Eric Gardner… Mike Brown…. Two cases that have struct an uproar in not only black communities, but amongst varios races worldwide… Who were these two men? These two men were young black brothers who were brought to their final breath, by the hands of police officers…  No they were not related, but they were indeed brothers, as we all are. Yet there is this belief that, if one is not blood, he cannot be my brother and I cannot have the same care or have affection towards him as I would my own flesh and blood… 


For that is why I say, Brotherhood Matters.. Why? Now this is to my fellow black communities, look with me.  Are my eyes alone in seeing a common consistency in our black men fighting each other rather than “holding each other down”? The jealousy, the hate, the animosity, the injury brothers cause brothers. A black man pointing a gun at another black man, who may be a father, a husband, looking into a mothers childs eyes,  and taking his life… It’s been happening for years.. How do you not get sick? When you have knowledge of what our people gone though, what we have came up from, what we have survived! How do you not get sick when you use your own hands till kill one of your own? To take the life of your own brother and then have the nerve to call out a so called “enemy”….

There was once upon a time when we were kids and our only enemy’s were The Grinch, Plankton (Spongebob), Frieza (DBZ) , Mojo Jojo (powerpuff girls), or even Bison (Street Fighter). As kids we would come together in the video games with the goal to beat these villains or watching the cartoons rooting for the villain to be put down by the hero… (How does it feel to reflect back on your childhood? Yeah.. Those times existed). The point I’m making here is that we all had a common enemy, whether black or white, we were together on the same team, but now our common enemy is each other. Now obviously we have grown up and we cannot carry on as children believing that these villains are our real enemies today, but it seems to me that we had more sense as children, because no matter what, we saw each other as family. Now I question black men, how can you call the white man the true enemy when you still can’t trust your own color? The sense in that fails to come out to me as being commonly correct.. Look in the mirror and ask yurself, why are black people dying so consistently? Who is killing them? Who is aiding in adding to the graveyards another black body in a casket? Is it me? 

I cannot afford.. We cannot afford for a continuation of black men being against black men to keep on years down the road. I need.. We need, our brothers to understand the concept and importance of brotherly love. Only then is when we can all proudly call ourselves, Strong Black Men! 

So love thy brother. Feed thy brother. Take care of thy brother. Unite with thy brother.. If not for me, if not for the women, if not even for yourselves, do it for the children. The children need to grow up seeing that love conquers over anything hate has to offer. Create a future that is safe for them, because most importantly, they also matter..

I can still hear my brother crying

I Can’t Breathe

See my people in the struggle and

They Can’t Breathe

Now I’m talking to my people like

All we need

Is for us to come together so

We Can Breathe


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