Never let the Author of Your Heart be by Someone Other than You



That’s who u love?
That’s who u want to be with?
Then be with that person and make it work!
Listen, arguments happen in relationships, especially marriage. No relationship is made perfect but it is about what you make out of your relationship and what you put into it which decides how near o “perfect” it can be.
Never allow family/friends/ especially parents, influence your relationship!

Handle it, and settle it amongst YOU and YOUR partner!

It’s ok to listen to advice and take it for consideration but never allow it to have more than a 1% influence on your decision on whether you choose to stay in a romantic relationship that may be struggling and allow it to decide whether or not you should work through it. Decide from your heart and what your inner conscious tells you is right, let those two guide you. Trust in faith. It is always worth it, if you love a person, it is worth it. Never allow anyone to break up your relationship.

If it doesn’t work out, and the two of you break up, allow that to be a mutual decision made amongst the two of you. Sadly, sometimes relationships do come to an end even with two people in love, but do not allow a split decision to be your conclusion without at least a strong fight to keep it together!

And by fighting I do not mean consistently arguing. Arguing does not even need to be a factor. It can take calm conversations, simple agreements, understanding, which all involve listening… Your heart should allow this.

That is why there is no definite or specific definition for true love.
True love is defined different by every human being, because everyone has a different reason for why they love the person they do, what makes them love that person, and how they choose to love that person…

Once again… Never allow anyone, neither friends nor family, and especially strangers (meaning what you may find in a blog post, or a Facebook status, and yes even a book) tell you what true love is…. Because if you have a heart, and the feelings in that heart is motivated by a specific person, a specific person who makes you smile, and laugh even in your dreams…. Then you know true love……


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