You Cheat? She Forgives You. She Cheats? It's over…. Why?


Men, what are we known as? Or better yet, what have they said about us for years?

I know I’ve heard some things like, we don’t really think about what we do half of the time, we are usually at times “fuck ups” when it comes to making certain decisions. They’ve said, “don’t leave it up to a man to do this” or “men mess up, that’s their nature”. I mean I’ve heard it all growing up raised in a household full of women and even in school I was taught the difference of a mans nature compared to a woman’s nature. So when we cheat, we expect our women to of course be mad and give us hell, but to also forgive and give us another chance… then another chance.. and another chance.. We expect the chances, why? Because we expect women to understand that, “it’s our nature” “we mess up” because, “We are Men!” Trust me fellas, I’ve felt the same way, I was there with you.

But what about our women? What if the day came where we all got what’s been coming to us and they decided to turn the tables and cheat on us? To those who have been cheated on by a woman, how did it feel? To those who it hasn’t happened to, what do you imagine it would feel like?

Armageddon. A million stabs to the heart. Armageddon. Life is over with our hearts last beat. How could she do this? Why would she do this? She’s evil! It’s Armageddon..
You may laugh but this is true. These are the same feelings and thoughts that a woman may go through, but you know what the difference is? You’ll be more hesitant to take her back than she would, or as quick as she did you. This is also true, but is it fair?

Let’s think about the few important things that a relationship starts off with or should start with.
Trust, faith, love & honesty.

Now, most of us men get into a relationship because we’ve found the woman attractive, she seemed to be “different” than other women yet she probably didn’t have to say more than three words to get you hooked like a starving fish. “Yes” Ok’ and “let’s do it”. As long as she found you attractive, agreed to go out on a date with you, and when she finally decided it was time for the next step, you were excited and didn’t care to question for any important information that you may not know about her. No, most of us wait until we actually get into the relationship to begin with the questions, because we trust that we know what we need to know already, have faith that since she’s a woman she can’t be a dog, we obviously love her appearance, and for that also we expect that beauty to be honest. In this conclusion, a lot of women, especially the ones who we find amazingly attractive, can get us in a *snap*!

But that isn’t all so easy for us men is it? Looks aren’t enough to get us by, and this is for when you’re dealing with a full developed grown woman, not a girls mind in a woman’s figure, please know the difference fellas. That when we are trying to “get inside a woman’s pants” or even when we desire to get into a relationship, it is a process for us. We have to prove we are loyal, we have to prove we are trustworthy, we have to prove to her that she can depend on us. A woman’s heart is tender, much more tender than a man’s, so she’s going to make you work and prove yourself loyal enough to take care of that heart. So when we do gain the trust of her heart, it is a big deal to her. Now she trusts in her self that she can put her faith in trusting you with the faith that you will not dishonor that trust, and she falls in love quicker than you because she believes that this love is honest. Introducing the woman…

So imagine how she feels when you break that trust, scar her faith, betray her love, and take off the honesty mask and expose the true lies, all by cheating. After she done gave in all her time to test you and to finally give in just to be hurt. Doesn’t she have more of the right to leave you and to not take you back no matter what “sorry” you spill, and does she not have the right to never trust you again? It would seem only right.. So what gives us the right? Nothing.

Men, get out of your minds that we have this right while women don’t. If you love her.. If you truly love her, just as much as you tell her, then everything should be equal, love number 1. Now of course we all have our manly things and we have certain tendencies that are natural for men and they belong to us and shall not be a shared trait with a women, but those are common sense things which I’m not speaking on.. I’m simply talking about loyalty, I’m talking about you putting in what you should expect to receive, that “you get what you give” theory. In this area my brothers, we need to be equal with our women. Now I’m not promoting women to go out and cheat on a man that did them wrong because you should expect him to take you back, that is not my message. Nobody should be cheating nor should anyone aspire to do so. First of all, if you have cheating tendencies, whether man or woman, get the sleeping around out of your system before you get into a relationship, and do it with other single people (do not attempt to break up a happy home).

Now back to my message. My fellow men, why is it that when she women cheat on us it’s over? It’s because we know it’s more emotional when she cheats than when we decide to be unfaithful. If you haven’t realized it already, a woman is only loyal to her “feelings”. Yes, her feelings, read back through what I have already said if you have to, and you’ll see that the reason she allowed her heart to be under your guide is because she trusted in her feelings and you captivated them. So when you betray a woman’s trust you loose her feelings, and if she cheats, you know another man has gained something which you have lost. Women use their emotions as guidance more than men when it comes to these situations. Men, we cheat upon the moment of lost. Women? They cheat in response to pain, confusion, in hope to find something that she feels she has lost. To know this, it is hard for us men to take our women back because we know in the back of our minds and even within our own hearts, that we have lost something which we may never get back.

So men,
Here is my task for you…
Listen to her like she listens to you, forgive her like she forgives you, be honest with her like she’s honest with you, give her back the faith she has given you, yet love her more so that she’ll always love you….


2 thoughts on “You Cheat? She Forgives You. She Cheats? It's over…. Why?

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