Women don't get weak, They become Stronger


You wonder if it’s because you love him so hard why it hurts so much.

You wonder what you’re doing wrong to cause you to cry so much.
You wonder what can you do so that he’d know you love him.

Stop blaming yourself!
Love is wonderful, its healing, its enjoyment, it’s a thrill, and if you do not get these feelings, it is not your fault.
Look at who you are loving. Is your love responding to your love with an equal amount or more love? Does your love say “I love you” back? Look at who you are loving again…. Is your love you?

If not then you need to walk away from the “love” that is keeping you away from your true love and whom is first, “self”. The only temporary pain you should feel is letting go.
Sometimes the ones who love the hardest, tend to be the ones who face the most heartbreak. Why? Well those with the biggest heart tend to be the most vulnerable even for a snake that cries it’s hungry.. Well why is it so hard and difficult for us to actually find the person worth loving? It’s just like school, in order for us to advance in our lives and advance in our hearts, we have to first go through lessons. Life gives us tests everyday and just because you get heartbroken or a relationship has failed, does not mean that you’ve gotten an F. If you are able to understand the mistakes that were made, can understand the person whom you attracted and their traits as a deceiver, and you are wise enough to know how to never attract that again, than you have indeed passed the test and are ready to advance to the next level.
Don’t ever let someone hold you back from the happiness you deserve and try to beat in your head that tears and scars are the definitions of true love. The devil has an artistic way of painting the most beautiful seductive picture for the most beautiful soul. But he only succeeds on those who do not completely know and love themselves. So understand You before you give your heart out, and understand that we all have felt pain, we all have shed tears, we all have fallen, but then we all have gotten up.
Get up! Stand up! You are alive!
You are beautiful! You are still strong!
And your love is still out there waiting for you…
Don’t give up on him, by giving up on you….

Peace & Love


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