Love Letter: For My Future King

Was feeling a little mushy. Something I wrote for my future love.IMG_6524-0

I’ve already accepted the fact that I may love you. But, I never wanted to love you more than myself. I knew that most of the time I would want you. But, I was never prepared for the day I would need you. Now that it has come to this, I can only ask that you treat my fragile heart with care.

I ask that you be as afraid to lose me as I am afraid to lose you. And, I wouldn’t ever ask you to fear. But, fear of hurting me. Please be deathly afraid to see me down. Be deathly afraid of breaking my heart. See because the love I have for you is so deep. So deep that it’s nearly impossible to extract. Only catastrophic disappointment could change the warm feelings I get when I…

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