The Delicacy of Intimacy

Appreciate your body and your soul…

Elle Beau with the Flow

It’s hard to deny that we live in an “instant” society. Instant internet (everywhere), instant coffee, instant streaming, instant food… & instant intimacy.

I’ve held the hands of heartbroken friends as they sat perplexed at what could have gone wrong with a former flame. More recently, I’ve wiped a few tears of my own. We’ve all done it. Diving too deep, too soon. Answering the call of our animalistic instinct; lust clouds judgement and our hands move too quickly to allow for the clear decision-making of our hearts. It’s sometimes easy to confuse sexual chemistry with soul connection when everything around you feels so right. It can be so hard sharing space with someone so beautiful, when the chemistry of our bodies feels like butterflies and vulnerability flutters in with their wings. Infatuation influences even the most enlightened of minds from time to time.

For some, high-speed sexual intimacy will work and the…

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