What does fun mean for young people?

The Youth just want to have fun!

Young People Insight

With the festive season in full swing, fun is the word on many people’s lips and in many people’s minds.  In a time filled with reports of economic crises, poverty and mindless violence, we need fun to create a happy medium.

I’ve spent some time speaking to a variety of young people, finding out what the word fun means for them and of course, what it is that they actually like to do for fun.  Just as it was with success, fun has different meanings for different people.

In fact, fun is not a priority for some young people – 22-year-old Reyan* spends all her time working or going to university, leaving her with no time for fun.  Adrian, 21, also said: “Nowadays, I rarely ever intentionally do anything for “fun”.  The word to me is the linguistic epitome of frivolity.”

Nevertheless, the main consensus among young people is that…

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