Your Love, Is A One In A Million

aaliyah and dash

It goes on and on and on!!

Although gone, Aaliyah still speaks for many of our hearts through this song. We all have that “One in a Million,” even though some of us try to deny it at times for some senseless pride. That includes the girl who looks like she always has an attitude and whenever you see her post on Facebook it’s always related to a “fuck love” and a “who needs a man” topic, or that guy who says every single day “Fuck B#*#*es, Get Money” or something related to that phrase. Don’t be fooled, there’s a reason for those posts.

So how about that one in a million? You know, the first person that came to your mind when you read the title, the one who puts that smile on your face first thing in the morning with a simple “goodmorning” text because when it comes to that one person, all of the simple things matter. It’s that person who gave you a reason to believe that true love still exists. That one person who put back together the broken pieces to your heart, who makes breathing more worthwhile than it’s ever been! That one person who you can’t stop smiling about…

Yeah, there’s nothing like love is there? Everything about life is different when you’re with that one. The air smells different, the sun shines brighter, the sky is more beautiful and nature becomes alive. There’s a certain type of love that can’t be replaced, and that’s true love. Don’t be afraid when you feel this because you see people in and out of relationships and people claiming “single life is better.” I say again, don’t be fooled because those same people would do anything to have what you have, literally, those who praise “anti-love” are secretly out to break up homes to either slither way in with the other lover, or to gain more “anti-lovers” in their hate group. Ever heard of misery Loves Company?

So protect what you value, which is your heart, your one in a million, because these days, True Love only comes, Once in a Million….

Happy Birthday and Rest In Peace Aaliyah Haughton, the love you gave to the world still lives on

The Beautiful Aaliyah
The Beautiful Aaliyah

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