A Man's Ego, and You

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My $0.02

Ego is not inherently bad. It serves as a powerful counterbalance against doubt and worry. In life we face situations equipped with nothing more than self-belief, and at such times, confidence is all that is needed.

Likewise, manipulation of a person’s ego is not always bad. Intention is what matters. When you use the power of manipulation to teach a man how to be better in life and love, you are actually doing a great service. And today we are going to get a lesson in how to manipulate a man’s ego to (1) help him become his best self, and (2) show him how to be the best mate for you. A man meets many women who can satisfy his lust, but very few who can change how he sees himself.

Men learn early how to manipulate a woman’s ego and self-esteem for his own agenda. That’s rule two…

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