Take Your Life Back

Happy Saturday!!!

Stop looking down and Start Looking Up!

There is a world out there that you are missing, and I promise that it’s a beautiful one too! Although we live in a world where many of success stories derive from the use of mobile phones and tablets, just imagine the opportunities of happiness that you are missing by investing more time into your mobile life, than the life where nights come and days pass so quickly that by the time you do look up, you ask yourself, “Where did all the time go?”  Time left you when you stopped paying attention.

Stop looking down and Look up!

Want to know why most relationships whether intimate or friendship fail? Someone tried to give me an answer to this question by saying, “no trust”. Yet, how can trust properly exist to be seen and appreciated, when you have more trust in what you hold in your hands 24’7. Honestly, people still look into their phones both while walking and driving, trusting that they wont crash or they wont run into a pole… Instead of waking up and greeting their partner, most couples today when they wake up, immediately go grabbbing for their phone rather than greeting the person laying beside them (their significant other).

Your relationship has grown distant in your blind eye, you didn’t even notice her leaving.

You txt,post & like pics so often by the minute girl, you didn’t even see when he cheated and it was right in front of your face…

Pay attention to your real time line until it reaches to the point that when you finally look up, you realize you haven’t even lived, and you notice that the people who were once so important to you, have completely vanished…

When was the last time you had a real date? When was tthe last time you and your girls had a proper night out? When was the last time you and your boys sat around and really enjoyed a game? When was the last time you and your friends all got together and decided to just go out and have fun? I bet you can remember the last time you turned down an offer to go out and instead you just stayed at home on your phone posting miserable status updates and liking random pics…

Go out! And leave your phone at home! Or keep it in your pocket and don’t use it unless it’s for an emergency…

Take back your life!

Feel the feeling of love again and just dedicate the day to you and your partner

It’s Saturday! The sun is out, the sky is clear, and life is just waiting for you to come back and enjoy it again


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