The You that You don't see

Are you somewhere today that you weren’t the day before? A month before? What about a year before?
If so, then congratulate yourself.
You have progressed, you have evolved, you are a different you!
Life moves so fast for most of us and in this day and age, everything is so fast paced that at times we forget to notice ourselves. I know it’s the case for me.

As a college student, and working a part time job, I’m always on the move from one thing to another. It’s always school or homework. I can’t finish homework because work is in the next hour. I go to work, come back, try to finish homework so I can get a little sleep in, then wake up the next day to repeat the process.
Now what is one thing I did not mention me doing? Eating.
That’s right, I hardly have time to eat and when I do, it’s usually a Snicker bar to sustain my hunger, and several bottles of water to keep me hydrated. Obviously this is very unhealthy. I don’t have time to make sure I am eating healthy meals or cooking me a decent meal, which causes my school ethic to suffer.
A lot of college students have to juggle with work and school as well, and for the lucky ones who don’t have to work, they’re still juggling with large amounts of school work, while trying to prepare themselves for their future careers. When this happens, we all forget to work on the most important thing, and that’s ourselves. We forget to pay attention to ourselves and at the same time, we actually forget to live.

Think back for a minute. Clear your mind of everything including this blog, and think about a dream you once had, or a goal you’ve set for yourself. Go ahead; you can go as far back to your childhood…….


How was that flashback? Did it make you smile? Or did it disappoint you?
Are you living that dream? Have you reached that goal or close to it? If not, then why? What has been holding you back? If not well guess what, I’ve got some good news! It’s not too late! You just need to take time to see who and where you are now.

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and really looked at who you are?


I’m not talking about looking at yourself before and after you put your make up on or when you freshen yourself up to look good for a date or a party. I mean really analyzing the person you are starting when you look into the mirror…
Can you believe it? That’s you!
Take some time to ask yourself:
Are you happy with you?
Are you content with you?
Do you hate you?
Do you love you?
Do you regret you?
What kind of advice would you give you?

These are important questions because that you who you’re looking at, may not be the same you that you’ll see looking back at you tomorrow. With just one unconscious decision, your life can change for the worse.
There are many people in the world who focus hard on impressing other people, come to find out, they’re not even impressed with themselves. Are you impressed with you? Or do you have a little bit more work to do?

By being conscious of who you are and by having a clear understanding of what you want and need, your next decision could land you on a million dollars, or it could land you into joining hands with the man/woman of your dreams. You can change your life! I feel like at times we forget that and most of us believe that someone else is going to do it for us. So when we look into the mirror we see another reflection looking back at us because subconsciously, that’s who we want to be and that’s who we want to please. So who inspires your vision?

Do you want to be a Jay-Z? Well look in the mirror and see yourself as the next iconic hip hop artist. Or do you want to be an actor like Denzel? Well look into the mirror and see yourself holding that Oscar. Or what about a lawyer, doctor, astronaut, or a writer? You need to start seeing yourself as that already.


Or how about you ladies, are you inspired by Michelle Obama? Do you want to be the next Beyonce? Or be as successful as Oprah Winfrey? You can be and it doesn’t even have to be any of these or any celebrity that inspires you. You too can be that lawyer, doctor, astronaut, or a successful writer like J.K Rowling. Just look in the mirror, and start seeing an educated, strong & powerful Black Woman, because that’s who you are. You are not what they portray you as on TV. Say it to yourself, “I am not what they portray a black woman to be on the media”.
There you go, because those are actors, and damn good ones for the way they’ve been able to convince the minds of young black women and even men. Too many young black women are putting themselves down lower than their own standards. Isn’t that crazy?
It’s all possible!
But many of our women don’t even notice how they’re portraying themselves out to be in the eyes of the public because they’re moving at a fast pace trying to keep up with trends that change about every other week, or they want to please a “man” or “men” so bad, that they lose themselves.

Subconsciously we forget who we are because we never have time to pay attention, and then we become someone else that we never intended to be because we never took time to notice who we were becoming… This is the you that you don’t see, the you that’s dying.

You are important. Not the people who you want to please or who you like, or who you even claim you’re so crazy in love with when in reality they don’t even love you as much as you’re so fascinated with them.

Become fascinated with you because you are your number 1 priority; a most time consuming needed investment.



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