The Niggas Ain't Shit Theory

“Niggas ain’t shit”. Just plainly that. This is a saying heard by black women every single day and referenced in almost all of their daily social media posts.

To my brothers,this can be from either women we know, or women who are complete strangers and they proudly chant this saying in our faces. I guarantee that if you log onto your Facebook, it will not take you long to find a negative status about a black man.


I have a question, you ever comment on a ladies Facebook post that is bashing black men calling them “niggas”, and you ask her “damn, do you feel like that about all of us?” and she responds with, “Yup! All ya niggas ain’t shit wit y’all ain’t shit ass!” If you assume that I have, well, you guessed it. It Leaves you wondering, “how the hell did I ever contribute to being a “nigga that ain’t shit? And why do I have to be a nigga?” Right?


Well believe it or not guys, I have found that there is actually a reason why a lot of our black women wear the phrase “Niggas ain’t shit” boldly tattooed on their sleeve (this can be literal for some).  These women all have one thing in common, they were all hurt more than once either mentally or physically, or both, by a guy who they once loved and trusted, which destroyed them emotionally.

1024px-Bathing_in_Despair They get left like this. Left to reap their own pain, and to sew back their own hearts. I’ve seen my own mother like this, too many times in her life.

broken heart

Still, a certain question continues to linger on. “Why say niggas ain’t shit when it was a certain individual that hurt you? Not me nor every other black man who you’re holding accountable.” Trust me brother, there is logical reasoning behind your confusion, but the truth of the matter is, women pay attention to other women. Meaning, they see the trend of women getting cheated on and lied to by their men, they even see the unfortunate common trend of men disrespecting women and they jump to these women’s defense, whether they are friends or strangers, women are there for each other.


A young woman had told me,

“It is easier to blame an entire population than to just pinpoint to one person.” Wow! It must take pain for that to come out of a woman’s mouth, I thought. Well, for this young woman the amount of times she’s been disrespected, lied to, and humiliated by a man, a brother, was enough for her to make sense out of blaming an entire population. But she wasn’t just speaking for her, she believes that she was speaking for all black women who have their “I’m tired of black men” attitude. Do you agree ladies? Is it really easier to blame an entire population?

But why is it that when these women get hurt they end up with someone who has the same traits as the person who hurt them prior. or at times, they end up with the same person. Are the signs not clear? “The world may never know!” Said Mr. Owl


A few women that I interviewed on this topic stated that up to college, they have grown accustomed to being treated unfairly and degraded by black men. One woman  said that she was told that the reason she was being slandered was because she was… Black! She was never mistreated by a white man nor ever spoken to as disgustingly from a white male as she would from someone of her own race. Which in turn, have caused her to keep her distance from black men in total.

But what for the women who don’t share in her story? What about the women who have never even been heartbroken by a man, yet they still believe they should have their hostile ways towards us brothers? Is it for fun? This is called the trending effect. Remember that I said women are known to look to each other for empowerment, leadership, and guidance for what’s the next best thing to do. In today’s society, the common trend for young African-American women is to degrade and downgrade black men,and I have learned that this is in response to the amount of years black men have degraded and downgraded them. So in a way for them, yes it is fun. It’s their, “I got the gloves on now” type of fun.


Yes fellas, we started this. And now they’ve come for the finish.

 What right does this do? What right has this done? Ladies, what solution are you getting out of this? Because to me, the look and sound of you saying “nigga” is first of all, degrading to your womanhood. It puts on you a make up which no matter how “flawless” or “beautiful” the mirror may say you are, you are still ugly in the eyes of a real man. The naked truth. You give men more of a reason to side look you and help you degrade yourselves even further. Even worse, imagine the morals you are leaving behind for the generation of young women right behind  you. For those of you who have daughters, nieces, a cousin you are close to , I would like for you to let that sink in…..

Now fellas you are not in the clear either. Why do they say “niggas ain’t shit”? Well, You give them reason. Why don’t they trust men? You’ve lied to them. Why do they slander you? Turn against you? Some women are actually becoming lesbians because they are tired of you? These women didn’t just wake up and made these decisions because they wanted to be adventurous. Their actions were inspired by the acts of men whom they call “niggas.” Stop giving these women a reason to call you a “nigga” and say that every man, no matter what kind of man he is, as long as he’s black, “he ain’t shit.”

You call these women “bitches”. There’s even a new name, “THOT”, specifically purposed for females. You hit them. You cheat on them. You take their hearts and walk all over it… Imagine the morals and principles you’re leaving behind to the generation of men coming up right behind you, who look up to you… For those of you who have daughters,nieces, a cousin you are close to… I would like for you too, to let that sink in.


                   To The Black Woman- Calling men a “Nigga” and saying We ain’t shit makes you no better than the slave master who owned our ancestors.

Dear My Lovely Queens, yes you are still lovely to me, yes I still adore you, because I know your heart, I know the tears you’ve shed which many have not seen, and I know where you’ve hidden your love. I’m here to tell you that it is alright, let it free again! As long as you hate and feed off that energy and focus on the negatives and the pain someone has caused you, you will always see a reflection of what that person has done in every man you meet whether good or bad.

It is impossible to Love when your practices are against it

Do not give up on your black man and do not slander or mentally harm your black man whom you claim you have love for behind closed doors. You need us just like we need you sisters. We need each other!

You’ve been hurt before, so you know the traits of man who deceives, good, avoid it at first sight but be fair to give every brother an equally fair chance. Your heartaches were your lessons, that heart still beats so you are still alive and that means your love is still alive, you just have to stop hiding it.

There are many false idol women who claim they represent women and they mean to empower you yet they teach you to call yourselves degrading names (bad bitches) (as they call themselves) and to toss us men to the side as if we can give no value to your lives. Be careful and be cautious of these idols. They are in your ears every day and they snatch your attention every time you lend them your time and attention. Be careful women! Black Women, you are valuable which is why you are the most targeted. So if you value yourself and other women alike, then help put an end this “niggas ain’t shit” theory and encourage your fellow women to fall in honest love with themselves first, and to understand true love between a black man and a black woman….. And if you still believe that niggas ain’t shit, well my advice to you is, stop dating niggas and find you a man, because there is a difference. It is absolutely not hard to find a good man, in a black man. But first make sure you’re a good woman.


Do you agree with my “Niggas ain’t shit” theory, or do you have your own beliefs & conclusions on this topic? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. This is an open discussion!


12 thoughts on “The Niggas Ain't Shit Theory

  1. Good topic as it provides insight to the self hatred that exists in the “black community”. Unfortunate, but true ” African Americans” are the only group of people on the planet who refers to themselves in the constant negative.

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  2. The entire article has some points, but then again, if these women are getting hurt by the same type of men they lay up then they are the problem. Stop with this “WE” black men did them wrong, To my knowledge i always treated black women with respect from birth, but it was almost i getting insulted, cheated on and of course you ain’t shit to the point i now completely cut off relations with black women. I don’t want to be around them in any social function, when i see them in the street i cross to the next side. To a point that i may still be sexually attracted if a black woman looks really good, but put zero effort to be sexual because my sanity is worth more than her private especially in this day and age. So the article have a couple of hit and miss but to say “WE” made them the way they are, Wrong, they need to make better choices and take responsibility for their actions and for the type of men they lay up with

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    1. My brother, I will like to break down your reply in my response.

      1. In reading my article, I broke down why women who although have been hurt by one man, they still put all men in the one category. So the answer to your first statement is within the article.

      2. As said in the article, I’ve asked several different women who who were still using or had previously used the phrase “niggas ain’t shit” and although they weren’t” hurt by every single black man in the world, they held all black men accountable. Why? Why do I say “We” and not single anyone out. Because we men, must be held accountable. We are the fathers, brothers, uncles, and grandfathers of our own nation. We teach the future as well as mentor the current. We have to take responsibility for what our generation has become and what are youth is becoming, because doing nothing and singling ourselves out just because we may not act the same as those who say “nigga” and act ignorant, does not make us any better than those who do it. Silence when a voice is clearly needed is just as much of a sin as the sin being down. So yes, I said “we” because we need to understand that our generation can make a change, our youth can have a promising future, if we as a collective unity, came together to make that change happen. Everyone should play their part. Mine is through my website and other platforms online. I bring to light the positive for every negative, and explain why what is what through what I have come to learn from being around and talking to my people, as well as going through many things myself. Division is the cause for the issues we face today.

      3. As for your personal issues with black women. Your statement makes you no better than the women who put all men in the same category. However, do you see what you’re saying? Within your text you are saying that all women should be held accountable for the few women who have treated you “unfair” as you put it and they should take responsibility as you have agreed in your statement. That is no different than us. But I would say for the way you are choosing to respond to black woman as a whole, is a bit extreme but I would not judge you. Is your mother a black women? If so, do you place her in the same vision as you see all other black women? Are you being fair yourself or contradicting when you argue against black women putting us all in the blame box and you doing the same to the? I would just advise you to look at your own actions, thoughts, and words, and see how you yourself have either added to the construction, or contributed to the advancement.

      I love you brother. Peace & Blessings.


    2. I understand AMG. How can I value a woman who sleeps with every and anything? How can I respect her? Do you know that it’s illegal to have a man in the house if you’re receiving government “benefits”? Yes we should be held accountable for treating our women like sexual objects but at the same time; when do we ever hold our women accountable for their actions. We need to bring back the black families and stop this SIMP-ology & WHORE-ology. I can’t call you a Queen if you been ran through nor can I call you a King if you have no Kingdom. Women has the ability to usher in life…shouldn’t they hold that responsibility or action to a higher degree? Or are we still going to call them queens because of our need to have some mediocre Puntang.


  3. Ummm….

    What gives you the reason to assume that women are dating the same type??
    Logically speaking after being hurt by one type women go after the polar opposite, not the same. However they hate hurt again and again, for instance I’ll call my friend Abi,
    Abi stayed single and away from men not even dating after her 2 year relationship ended, for about 1.5 years.

    Abi is a woman of class, high standards, educated, has her own money, her own condo etc… Now one day the concierge in her building befriended guessing she was lonely because I didn’t have the time to hang out on weekends cause of a new job.

    Abi and this guy have the same habit, ganja smoking & as a result they became fast friends. They would hang out, Abi would cook for him, bring him food at work, she’s a total sweet heart.

    One day during the week Abi introduces us, she was getting ready for us to go out but got caught up with him. Anyway she’s in the shower and this guy leans over to me and says ” yo why is Abi so stuck up, she won’t give me the time of day, she won’t even cheers her glass with me yet alone hug me” ( internally I was half laughing half crying) because the sweetest woman I know has been hurt so badly that the only way she would allow men in her space was as friends only. It took her 1.5 years to reach that point.

    I then explained to him that he should give her some time and then after we left I talked to Abu privately. She explained she liked him etc but she just didn’t want to be hurt again.

    Eventually they start to date, now mind you this guys spent every waking moment working and otherwise with Abi. Then one weekend he leaves, to go visit family for a week out of town. It turns into 2 weeks, he’s not answering his phone or her calls. She’s holding out hope for him but at this point I’m regretting convincing her to get with him because while she had never experienced that I did and I knew how it would end.

    So I start cyber stalking, Abi being her sweet self believed he was being honest and upfront with her come to find out dude has a baby on the way and never said anything to anyone.

    Abi is again now heartbroken and betrayed by another black man who by all appearances seemed honest even from my cynical lens.

    It’s not as easy as you make it, there are far more black men doing black women wrong even through out marriage than there are doing right by their partners.


  4. When women say Niggas or Men ain’t shit that’s because the Majority of them aren’t. Not all but the majority rules that’s for the men who always respond back with,”how would you know you haven’t dated all of us”. True and I don’t need to there’s always women who are needing to vent about a no good brother they’re involved with because a lot of women have met this type of man including me, not to mention I have male family members who i see behaving in this “ain’t shit” way too. I also know some really good men who are respectful, takes care of home and respect their wives or girlfriends but those are very rare. You have to just have faith and hope that you meet and let the man that deserves you into your heart.


  5. This is some hotep bullshit. Lol gotta love how he turns women being used and abused by men into a woman’s fault. Typical dodging responsibility.


  6. I agree with the comments above, while I would never use that exact phrase I have in my near 30 years concluded that men are just not to be trusted…. even though I know that that can’t be true for all men, I feel trust worth men are so far and few behind that I will never find one…. All the men I’ve dated have been caught doing the same kind of things, even though they were not the same kinds of men. Living, cheating, game playing I’m done with it, but it seems unavoidable it is truly tiring.


  7. “Some women are actually becoming lesbians because they are tired of you?”
    Please, PLEASE explicate on this point.
    I agree no one should be called names, it’s hurtful. But to me, (myself and I) the phrase is talking about men in general.


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