10 Commandments Of Love


Thou shall have love for self

The most important commandment of all and what should be the number 1 rule of life followed by everyone yet, there are still many people who have not digested this into their mind, body, & soul’s. There are still people who do not love themselves. When have not found love for self, the return is that you subconsciously grow in hating yourself. But when a person has love for self, he/she can both have & accept love from the world, and they will enjoy the beauties of life. Understand you before you expect someone else to. Love yourself before you unfortunately mistake love to have abuse, slander, and unfaithfulness, as its illustration.


Thou shall not have another significant other

Thou shall not cheat! The simplest rule made for a relationship yet it’s the most broken. Follow ups to this are to never put another man/woman before your man/woman, never take another’s word before your spouse’s word unless your spouse’s word is dishonest and has been proven to be so, and never allow another to borrow what is sacred to your spouse.


Thou shall love & Value Truth

Be Honest! Do not hide in the shadows from truth nor hide truth in the shadows. For one to be honest, one has to understand the value of honesty and all its good which it brings to all kinds of relationships including friendships, family, and it is indeed the most effective medicine for the romantics. Honesty determines where the relationship is headed. If one is truthful, then an honest relationship is expected to be had and worries of infidelity & the occurrence of insecurity, will cease to exists in either partners thoughts.


Thou shall accept their spouse for as they are

Do not intend to change anyone from their natural state! There are people who tend to change someone when they don’t seem to fit their criteria, avoid these kinds of people in relationships and avoid yourself from having this insecure trait. Do not forget who you fell in love with or who you decided to begin a relationship with, this is the person you allowed to be in your life and attempting to change that person for selfish reasons, is damaging to that person’s mind & wellbeing. So accept your love as he/she came, a person who can do this is a person with integrity and security of themselves.


Thou shall not allow the relationship to be affected by outside influence

He says, she says are dangerous! Family & friends will always have something to say about a relationship which they have no involvement in. They appear to be professional mediators & romance specialists while giving bias advice, which causes confusion & disaster in the relationship of the one who takes their advice for aid. Your feelings end up not being your feelings but instead feelings planted in your mind, and regretful decisions end up being made. The decisions made in a relationship, the route that you and your partner decide to take the relationship on, should be made solely by the true feelings of you and your partner.


Thou shall understand communication

This commandment comes in a –step process- 1.Texting is not good communication when there are disputes and confusion upon a matter! Do not attempt to argue through texting because the lack of emotional understanding causes the lack of person understanding. Settle your disputes in person. This way you can know truly how the other person is feeling and they in turn will understand you… 2.Talk everything out, if there is a sense of uneasy feelings, figure out what those feelings are immediately! 3. Do not shy away from having regular talks or telling your significant other that you love them. You never know what effect it may have on their day. 4. Never think you know everything about your lover and that there is nothing more for you to learn. Continue to ask your partner questions about themselves whether it has to do with their job, or their day in general. Many do not realize it, but this keeps the spark at flare in your relationship. 5. Communicate as if you were still friends, if you can recall, this is when communication was something to look forward to.


Thou shall not slander their spouse

If there are issues at home, keep it at home! If once again, you and your spouse have had a fallen out and have decided to take a few hours or a one day temporary split (this happens), do not take your frustrations to social media! It is so important that you do not publicize the damages in your relationship because it causes an even more and now incurable damage. Once you show the public that someone has temporarily walked out of the relationship, you leave an open door and when that person comes back, they may end up finding themselves coming back to see someone else in their home or even worse for you, you may be the one finding someone now to be in your spouse’s home, playing the “consoler”. You do not want this! Furthermore, slander creates a bad name for your spouse and the relationship, and it also creates a bad image on you when you’ve decided to reconnect with your spouse and “take back” all the slander you provided as entertainment for the world to see.


Thou shall keep the fire stimulated

Just because you have made it into having years in with your significant other, it does not mean that what made the relationship exciting in the beginning, cannot make the same relationship exciting now. But instead of just re-doing old happy habits that made your significant other smile daily, evolve those habits into something new & exciting, this keeps the relationship afloat and for men, it keeps her bragging about how happy & lucky she is to have you, and most importantly, it keeps her with you. So spice it up!


Thou shall not fraudulently steal a heart

If you do not intend to be with the person long-term, do not intend to abuse the person with your short-term goals. There are people who now feel like relationships are useless because they have dealt with those who only wanted to have them for lustful purposes. People who have lied with promises to love and & be faithful when in actuality, they only lease hearts, they never keep them. Do not play with a person’s heart, this is among one of the worst sins you could ever commit. Playing with someone’s heart can ruin them in a way that it may end up being difficult for them to find someone who will love them honestly, because it is no longer easy for them to trust. You can ruin a person’s relationship with friends & family members because now they have created such a big wall due to their experience with you, which now makes it’s hard for anyone to get close to them. If you are an intentional heart breaker and someone who enjoys sex with random women, either join a job field best suited for that, or immediately seek professional help!


Thou shall not break at the first sign of fracture

Arguments happen, sometimes the two of you may not speak, and there will be times of disagreement, this does not in any way mean that a break up is the immediate solution! Allow a healing process. If the moment time is not best suited for conversation, take time for both of you to digest he situation at hand, think about what you need to say, figure out the appropriate solution, and then jump back to using amendment 6, communication. Love’s only fear is losing itself, love. Love does not walk away because of anger, or because of disappointment. Love does not give up because one upsets the other. Love forgives, love listens, love understands, and love stays….

        These are the 10 Commandments of Love. Follow these steps and live by these rules, and your relationship will be sure to prosper. Don’t forget either that above all, every relationship needs to have the presence of God in it, for if you abandon or be blind to God, you allow the devil to step in and take care of your relationship in the way he sees fit….



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