The other day I decided to begin a journal. Although I have my trials & tribulations in life, I find that there are so many things for me to be thankful for, things that I’d be afraid to loose because, I honestly wouldn’t know how to live without them if they were to suddenly dissapear, and things which feed to my happiness. I wanted to actually give appreciation to these things, I wanted to feed the motivation that I know I needed in order to stay motivated. I call this journal, 5. In it I write everyday in the morning, 5 things I’m grateful for so I can begin my day with a reason, and so I can begin my day already knowing the answer to the question- “why?”

Why am I here?

Why do I continue to do this?

Why is this person in my life?

Why should I smile?

5, answers all of these questions for me as I at the same time, provide it will all of my answers. So far, I’ve became more appreciated of life. I find myself smiling more, my social life has already evolved, and I’ve noticed that people are starting to come up and talk to me, rather than me just sitting at a table and being anti-social (yes this was me).

I reccomend that you start your 5, (Talking to YOU reader), find a book you’re not using or go ahead and buy a composition book and start every morning, to write down the 5 things you are grateful for, the 5 things that keep you alive! I promise you, that you will find life so much more enjoying, and the vibes you are sending out into the universe will respond in your favor.

Here are my 5 things of grattitute for today

1. Being able to live this day

2. My jacket that keeps me warm

3. This ipad that allows me to blog anywhere, anytime

4.Being able to have breakfast with my girlfriend

5. All of you readers & rebloggers! What would my life be without you? I Love You All!


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