Dear Whoever

Dear Whoever,
No, God did not give up on you. I know how life feels right now. You want to give up, you feel like nobody’s there for you and that nobody would ever care about you but, you’re wrong. Yes, you breathe and in that of yours chest is a heart that still beats which means, for the rest of today & tomorrow there are unlimited chances just waiting for you to be bold enough to take them. So take it, you got this. God is still keeping you here for a reason and if you open your eyes you could see it.

Dear Whoever,
So about that dream you had last night, the same dream that you had the night before. Same dream that you had when you was 4, it’s still there right? So why is it still just a dream? I know. I heard them too. They were telling you that you couldn’t do it, that your dream is just a fantasy, and that if you chose to follow your dream you’ll never truly be anything that you need to be in life. They said that you might as well be waiting for peter pan to come take you to never land because as long as you fly on this dream, you’ll never land. I know those words hurt you but tell me something, would the 4 year old you had stopped dreaming? Who has the right to tell you what you need to be in life besides the owner of your life, you? You wear this mask that lies to those faces who doubt you when you quit trying to live your dream to do what they expect you to do. You’re living their dreams now. Question, how happy are they? If those people died today would they truly be happy because they have money? Do they count dollars out of joy or out of stress? Are they wishing that back in their prime they would have pursued with what they loved so they could have memories that would make them smile? These pill poppers & suicide depressors. I don’t want to see you like this. The person who truly lives with no regrets is the person who never had to think twice on any move they made. Put some wings on & fly, don’t think twice about it.

Dear Whoever,
You are a king. You know how many things you can be? The President, CEO of a company, the next inventor of a phone sweeter than apple, the next best actor, a basketball play better than both Jordan & Kobe, an MC who takes further heights than Jay-Z, the world is yours for the taking. Do you know who you are? You are infinite potential. Yet you see different on TV, social media, & even around where you live. All you see is your own people slaughtering each other, black men slaughtering black men and women helping them, so all you see when you look in the mirror is a slaughterer to yourself. You don’t believe that you’ll ever make it to be anything besides lucky to see 25 because most of your friends never truly lived to see that age, either because of death or prison. You don’t even see anything for yourself passing high school because of the people you know dropped out. When you go home, the routine is mom’s drinking and lying up with some dude who you’ll never call dad. You don’t see pass these things because you’re afraid to. You’re afraid that if you dream high and actually pursue above the means that have identified you that you’d be shot right back down. There is more to your own life than what you’ve been accustomed to know young king. You have to mentally remove the existence of every person who represents failure and remove the state of mind you were told you should have every time they pointed to you and said, “Black man.” You’re a talented man, you represent greatness, you just have to believe it and understand that the only way you’ll be better than what you see in your life now, is by being everything they said you couldn’t. Stop being afraid now. It’s time to start up the engines to the new you.

Dear Whoever,
I know you miss him. It didn’t really sink in at the time when they told you that your father would take part of your life with him in prison. You hear so many things about him, overall negative and it got you thinking well, “If I’m a resemblance of him, what does that make me?” It makes you his second chance. He loves you, and you are his greatest accomplishment because he knew that his life started over with you, and although you are a resemblance of him, you are not a repetition of his actions. So ignore the stereotypes, there are only 2 who have decision over what you’ll be in life, and that’s you and God. The world is yours, not conquer.

Dear Whoever,
You don’t have to do this. I know you feel like you have your reasons to hate men but that doesn’t mean that you have to hate yourself. Don’t you love your body? If so then why give it up as an object for a man’s pleasure? You are a Queen. I know you don’t hear this often and that word by itself being referenced to you may sound foreign, but what I seriously need you to do is believe it. You are a Queen, not a trap queen. That’s a girl with her soul trapped in a women’s body, lost because no man has ever guided her and no woman has ever showed her, that a queen looks just like you. You are so beautiful. When was the last time you heard that? Beautiful is not a bad bitch or a woman who’s just “fine”. Beauty has soul, beauty has character, beauty has knowledge, and I see all of that when I look at you. I need you to need your heart, because you’ve been neglecting it for such a long time now. I know what they say about you, I hear it too, and I even heard it from you. I need you to bring that smile back, the real smile. The smile you had back when you believed that true happiness exists. I need you to be better than what they make of you, because there are still good men out here and they need you Queen… One day you’ll have a daughter, and I want you to really think from now how would you feel, if you heard her refer to herself, as a bad bitch, and then tell you, “Well mommy I just wanted to be like you.”

Dear Whoever,
I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but I love you. You may be somebody who hasn’t heard this in a while and this may be the one thing you desire to hear because if somebody just told you that they loved you, without wanting anything from you, you may suddenly receive a burst of inspiration for life. You matter. You are human and you matter. For those who may refer, say the following words not only to yourself, but to everyone who has ever told you or called you otherwise-

“I am not a nigga”
“I am not a bitch”
“I am not a hoe”
“I am somebody”
“I am a Queen”
“I am a King”
“My dreams will come true”

“I am… The Future.”


dear who



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