Men, sometimes we can miss so much even when it’s right in front of our face. Sometimes we’re so selfishly focused on our own lives even while we’re in a relationship that we can’t tell a broken smile from a sincere one.
We see an “I’m ok,” silence when her silence is actually saying “Talk to me, say something, before it’s too late.” If some of us can look back, we can think of a few that we’ve pushed to that point without even realizing it… So look at your woman. Is her smile sincere? Is she alright? If so, great, I applaud you and your’s brother. But if not, well… Time to man up before someone else does.


3 thoughts on “#BeHerMan

  1. Reblogged this on nogaslight and commented:
    So very true. Many times marriages and relationships break apart because of this truism. So sad that those we are closest to don’t see the forest for the trees. We say we love, yet we forget to show the love and get caught up in our own living and lies. If we can save a relationship, all the better. However, sometimes we can’t.


    1. First off, thank you for reading sharing your input. Although not as long as my other posts, I felt like it didn’t need to take too many words to come across clear with this subject. Some people have become so selfish and it’s not always on purpose, they get consumed with a life or lives outside of their own, and forget the person they’ve made their life with or committed to. I know personally because I have done this. So I have seen the pain it caused, and have felt the pain in return. This can go for women as well. It can be too easy to become forgetful towards the things that matter. Walk outside and leaving your heart on your bed.


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