First Instruction- Young Men


Every day for this week, I will be posting instructions (One instruction per day) for both my current and future readers, as well as intending to be passed on to a family member or significant other. With these instructions, I intend for my readers to be able to understand, practice, and live by the standards that keeps humanity bounded together, which is love, truth, peace, freedom & justice. If taken & understood correctly, the instructions to come will guide my readers on how to understand & care for oneself, as well for humanity. The goal intention of these instructions is to mentor, instruct, & guide the generation of today.
I will begin this week with a message to the young men of our generation
1. Be cautious, young man; be cautious and aware of all the temptations of those who shine in front of you with their luxurious life and lavish charm. Protect yourself from the girl who is sexually unrestrained and does not hide her desires by exposing her sacred self to the world…

2. Being obsessed within your desires, playing a running game to be at one with a life that has no concern with you or your well being will only hurt what you wish to attain; from the blindness of this worldly obsession, you shall only run upon destruction. Not the finish line which you’ve imagined.

3. Therefore do not give not up your own self, do not give up the person who makes who you are, or your heart, to those who will lead you on with exciting hopes and or desires. These things are known as fancy clothing, they are known as rappers, and a few of these temptations come in the form of which we all love even as young man, the form of the woman… They call the women who falsely temp men Jezebels, whores, or in new translations- THOTS. Be careful to not sell your soul to be enslaved by either one of these charming delusions.

4. Youth does not last forever. Do not be conceited, your looks which you use to get you by in life will not last forever. Soon the time will come when the days of your fine things and fine looks will no longer be of any worth. Your fine things will decrease value both to the world and your wallet, as well will your looks lose value to yourself and the women you used it to please.

5. It is up for you to now, to prepare for the day of old age, so that every morning, the sun will not be as bright as it once was, but instead brighter.

6. Understand that, not all women who shine bright like the stars and have a figure that attracts many eyes of men, is out to due you harm, nor are they all Jezebels. Just because her figure attracts the eyes of men, does not mean that her bed does. There are women who are of moral excellence and have care for herself as well as others. Do not be blind to such woman, and be careful to not be of any reason for this woman to have a blind eye towards you. Keep yourself in the manner just as you would expect your woman to keep up herself.

7. There is a young woman out there for you young man, and her purity exceeds with excellence; her smile is more delicious than a garden of roses.

8. The innocence of her eyes is like soul food for your soul; simplicity and truth dwell in her heart. When she allows you a part of it, it is then your duty, to not do it any harm.

9. The kisses of her mouth are sweeter than honey; the perfumes of Arabia breathe from her lips. Do not kiss these lips, if your lips pursue more into lies than truth.

10. Do not abuse her love; the purity of its flame shall elevate your heart in high degree, and soften it out of honest innocence to receive the fairest impressions, and equality.


4 thoughts on “First Instruction- Young Men

  1. Dearest heart,
    I read this and enjoyed it so much that I will be putting it on my vision board and re-posting. It spoke to me very loudly
    I wanted to send some TrurevolutionaryLove to you for this contribution.

    One Love, Coco of TLR


    1. I really appreciate this! wow, to know that you have inspired someone out there in the world, to know that what you deliver is actually reaching through to someone, is a blessing that cannot be explained. Thank you, and if you have any questions or suggestions for me, if there is anything you would like to see posted on my blog, please feel free to let me know.


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