Second Instruction- Young Women

Instruction for Young Women Whom Reside in the Jungle

Jungle– Place of poverty, referred to as the hood and the home of the minority.
– Young woman, you are in survival amongst savages, savages who work to make a savage out of you as well as keep you amongst them. Keep your head turned from these savages.

– Be careful not to follow in the footsteps and to not allow yourself to be influenced by other women, whom are either friends or family, that have accepted their lives to be rested in the ever so tormenting hands of poverty.
– Recognize your beauty and understand your worth; your naturalism means more than the state of your being. So value yourself, while nurturing and caring for the temple which your soul rests within.

– Conquer stability; if you are not happy, I warn you to remove yourself from your state of unhappiness. Have the understanding that the state of being unhappy is a meantime feeling/situation which only continues on further according to how much energy and focus you put into its negative aura.
– To the woman who wonders why she’s consistent with unstable or unfortunate men, and cannot figure out why her relationships tremble: you attract what you are & you are what you attract. Figure out whom you are, pay attention to how you are constantly feeling and the thoughts which are as well consistent with you, then you will see high similarities in your men.

– Your human nature is to love, care & support; do not abort this nature.

– Avoid those who are skeptics of men. They are those who speak ugly of men on a daily basis and foolishly believe that they can have a life without a man being included. Give distant ear to their gossip and you will recognize that it is actually themselves who they really speak ugly of, and it is the wise who can avoid them.
– To the pregnant woman, your life is neither over nor are you required to halt at your current position. Indeed your child is a blessing, but there are many more blessings to come for you. Do not be discouraged, do not be afraid, nor shall you be ashamed to accept the sincere aid from family & friends. Blessed is the woman who does not see her blessing from God as a form of punishment upon her life; blessed is the woman who is genuine in her praise for guidance from the lord for both herself & child.

– Do not push for hate or divinity between you and the father of your child; do not do harm to his mind where he feels in himself, that he has no other choice but to depart from his family. Be careful not to push away the undeniable much needed part of your child’s life; foolishly believing that your child will prosper from a mother that adopts both roles. Beware of the karma that may come which may be the discretion you receive from your child once they grow of age.
– To the gender confused woman, God did not bless in your mother a seed of man; your mother birthed a woman. To honor thy mother and thy father, as well as the lord which you give praise; Be a woman, think and reign as a Queen, care as a woman, and love as a mother.

– To the woman who shed tears of her suffrage; although you may live in poverty, poverty is not who you are nor does it in any way define you. Poverty is an illusion, that only when accepted as a barrier for progress, does it conquer you. Blessed is the woman who does not allow this, blessed is the woman who can rise above poverty because she knows that poverty is not who she is, and it does not determine her final resting place.



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