Third Instruction- Marriage


  1. To the man and woman who have shared vows, know that you have now become at one with another. Your actions are a reflection of them as well as are their actions are a reflection upon you. Be truthful when you speak, and let honesty lead your pathway which you walk.
  1. Be careful to not abandon your friendship; do not forget that is what bounding you two together and kept your relationship fresh. Keep the faith that you promised to keep each other as when you were friends, in either good times or bad, whether in abundance or poverty.
  1. Do not allow any outside influence into your home; jealousy will come about, keep both an eye and an ear at alert for those who wish to cause a tear in your marriage. This jealousy will come from both friends & family that have had a distrustful taste for your happiness. Blessed are the man and wife who have the strength to not allow such corruption to enter the home.
  1. Be cautious when either you man, or you woman is angry to not speak words of resentment which may turn into future regrets, if such words have caused eternal bleeding in the marriage. Arguments will occur, this is natural, for no marriage is made perfect, so one must sustain true love to manage the trials which marriage bring.
  1. Foolish is the one that thinks marriage is a smooth ride which no longer required any hard work or focus to maintain stability. Foolish is the man who believes he no longer has to please his wife’s heart just as he did when he pursued to lie on her breasts, foolish is the woman who believes she no longer has to be nurturing or care for her man as she did when she wanted him to recognize her. For the taste of love will be lost, and the understanding of why one is with the other will be loss and no longer make any sense to either two.
  1. To the woman, remember that you were created to be mans partner, not the slave of his passion; the life you lived is not meant to merely to gratify his loose desire; but to assist him in his efforts in life, to soothe his heart with tenderness and recompense his care with soft endearments.
  1. To the woman, your happiness and satisfaction lies within the proper care of your family; to that alone you apply to her studies; and elegance with carefulness is seen in your home.
  1. Your husband shall honor your style of management; he shall respond to you with enjoyment, satisfaction, and great pleasure.
  1. You must aid your husband in feeding the minds of your children with wisdom; train their manners from the examples of your own goodness.
  1. The words of your mouth are the law of their youth; the motion of your eye commands their obedience
  1. The troubles of your husband are alleviated by your councils and sweetened by your endearments; it is in you where he finds comfort.
  1. Happy is the man that has made her his wife; happy the child that call her mother.
  1. To the husband, provide for your family; keep the roof over your wife & children secure, so they will never be troubled by the storm.
  1. Do not allow temptation to ruin the foundation which both you and your wife have built; be faithful in your actions, have faithfulness on your tongue when you speak, and keep your distance from the Jezebel who will work hard to lure you.
  1. Do not be afraid to love your wife; do not be afraid to be a husband and the father of children. Blessed is the man who can be an honest husband whom his wife and children can speak proudly of, blessed is the man who can create a sincere foundation for the generation that will follow him.
  1. Happy is the wife that has made him her husband; happy is the child that call him father.

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