6th Instruction- For The Heart


  1. You may fail to see many things, even things which are right before you. Fear is what creates your blindness; the fear of what’s there. Conquer this fear by trusting much into yourself that you will not fail yourself.
  2. Risks are necessary for success. You turn down chances which appear to be risky because you have felt the ground before; believing that you could no longer get back up. If that were the case, that how are you able to still have the choice to take a chance? You have learned lessons from your previous encounters; allow those lessons to guide you.
  3. Hide behind no wall. Allow yourself to be touched, to be kissed, to be hugged, and to be comforted by pure hands that have been true to you, for these things come from the heart that represents love.
  4. Believe in your conscious, when there is guidance given, it is wise to listen & follow along.
  5. Do not keep yourself rested in a cold place, this will distance genuine people from you, and will only attract those people and things who will wish to keep you in misery & they will share they hate with you. If not controlled, then you will adopt their hate on top of yours and your misery shall be everlasting.
  6. You cannot be broken, you can only redevelop. The pain which you feel from disappointment, loss, & deception, are temporary feelings which force you to be strong enough to embrace them. In due time you will become immune to these types of pain to where they will no longer be able to push feelings of despair in your soul; allow yourself to grow and make it through the trials and tribulations that will come your way.

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