Final Instruction- Young Generation

Final Instruction- To the Young Generation

  1. You are the future leaders of tomorrow, inspired and taught by the leaders of today, understand that with such responsibility, means there is much power which you hold as from now in your hands. Prepare for this leadership with your dreams and your goals of today; do not give up on these things, for they may prosper the world tomorrow.
  1. There is much confusion that comes your way; social media, radio music, & TV media have given you all delusions based on life, love & happiness. These things speak to you as if they are your instructors and while not knowing any better, you take their instruction. Look to your parents, for they are your guide and your instructors, if parents are not around, look to your guardians, for it is they who truly have your best interest in life, not the media.
  1. Do not accept just anyone as your mentor; mentors must not be hypocrites, mentors must live to the life which they preach, mentors must do not for self, but for the benefit of others, mentors must lead you from trouble, not walk along side you in it. For you will know the right mentor by closing watching his character.
  1. The love for thy brother and thy sister is important; strangers are also to be treated as thy brothers and sisters, for the sake of love and community is a necessity for prosperity.
  1. Keep hope in your dreams; listen not to the naysayers and those who may refuse to be your social companion because of your interests, for they are a leech in your life, allow them to be so and you will lose sight of yourself. Keep them distant, for your road will be much steadier without them.
  1. Love your education; for the child that loves to learn is the child that grows to prosper well in abundance.
  1. The Law of Attraction works well around you; be careful of your thoughts, be careful of your feelings; you shall see that everything you encounter in life is nothing but a reaction to both.
  1. Do not feel that there is a strong need to find a significant other, if the time is not now then there is a reason, don’t worry that time will come to you, as so will he/she.
   9. Love thyself passionately; so many have lost sight of whom they are or were never taught the importance of loving self; unless you love self, others will mistreat and abuse the same you that

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