5 Guaranteed Ways You Can Be Happy



Spend Time with someone who makes you smile

Here’s a no-brainier, for the first one on the list. Studies show that with work, school, and in certain living conditions, which you may unfortunately, have roommates whom you don’t get along with, people tend to not spend time with the people that actually make them happy. This is due to not having the time we all have, because we strain serving to a lifestyle which keeps the food on our plates, clothes on our backs, and roofs over our head. At the end of the day, none of it meany anything if we’re not actually happy. So it is important that we find some time, schedule it if you have to, but find the time to spend with someone who helps you forget about the troubles in your life. Making time every so often will help make your life actually worth something.



Give to yourself

The majority of our income goes to bills. Whether its rent, utilities, food, gas, or our cell phone bills, our bank account number see’s constant, rapid, decline. Didn’t you work hard to see that number in your bank account rise up? So why not use a piece of that number to treat yourself? Reward yourself for being able to pay your bills, for being able to have that specific number appear in your account, reward yourself for being able.



Toss Your Worries

Whether it has to do with a bill that’s due, having to make an important decision, your relationship, a family issue, or wondering if things will turn out the way you expect it to, worrying is always that factor that makes us stress. It is easy for all of these things to come out as we’d expect them too, because as the great sayings states “thoughts become things” and “what you feel is what you attract”. Even if a situations happens to not go exactly as you’ve planned it, still expect the best outcome of that situation. This way, you still remain in control. Whatever you expect to happen, will happen, and it will be a reflection of how you were thinking and feeling. So stop worrying and expecting the worse. Be confident in the outcome.



Engage with happy people

One of the main causes for most peoples unhappiness, is that they are subconsciously being a reflection of those whom they interact with, and the people whom they choose to interact with are of course, unhappy. You must change your social environment from unhappy to ecstatic, and from boring, to exciting and ambitious people. “Good friends” are not good friends if they want to see you unhappy by drowning you with their misery just so they can feel comfortable. Find people who actually are happy with their lives and want to share their excitement with others. You will find joy by interacting with these kinds of people and you will eventually gain new and exciting reasons to be thrilled about your own life.



Start a Journal of everything you should be happy for

Is it ironic how this ended up being the #5 on the list? Remember I once wrote a blog on a journal of my own that I started which is titled 5. The purpose of this journal, was for me to write down every day, 5 things I am both thankful and happy for. The purpose of this is to keep me motivated and stay with a positive outlook on life. I also encourage every one of my readers to start their own 5 journal, so that they too can keep themselves uplifted and be reminded why giving up should never be an option. Well here I am again, encouraging you to create your journal of things you are grateful for in your life. Seriously, Try it! It does not have to be a list of 5, it can either be less or more, and if it’s more then you have so many reasons to be happy and I congratulate you. If it is less, don’t worry, as long as you have something to be grateful for, you have a reason to be happy.

There you all go! 5 Guaranteed ways you can be happy. Are you ready to start?! Begin changing your life… Now!

Yes I can in colorful toy letters on wood background


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