Talk less. Communicate more.

2020 Sosa

We ALL have an OPINION.

So how can we talk less, yet communicate MORE?

#1) Understand being pressured to debate is a “set up” from the beginning. The very act of explaining/defending yourself through words often times makes you appear more defensive. You will likely become emotional/passionate in your pursuit of explanation simply because of your desire to be clearly understood. The worst part is, when your emotions transpose into your words, the listener often tunes out to prepare his or her rebuttal.

  In other words: Do not be fooled! No one is really listening to each other. No communication is really happening!

Use zero words when deciding if the other party will take the time to actually listen.



#2) Let people thinkwhat they will think. It’s not your job to always explain your world or your view points.

A mischievous smile…

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