Thank You, to the Honest Men in the Dating World!!

Random Musings And Wanderlust

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a few weeks now, but it seems to have taken a back seat on my list. Between the snow storms, life in general and well with Valentines Day, and all those crazy thoughts swirling in my mind. So tonight’s the night I write my other thank you…

738685ce9fdf7dfdcd18e4f7e9d93858On the relationship roller-coaster of love, I’ve always said I prefer upfront honesty. I’d rather know sooner rather than later, that you’re not feeling it, rather than prolonging the inevitable, dragging something out that you truly have no interest in beyond the moment.

That’s not saying, you need to know you’re gonna marry each other the first date. I feel a first date isn’t really a date anyway, it’s a meet up (if we’re talking online dating especially), something to get over the cold feet, make sure you’re the people in the pictures. I know…

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