The 5 Things Women Won't Tell You About $ex

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The 5 Things Women Won’t Tell You About $ex

#1 Porn


Just because you saw it in a porn doesn’t mean women will like it. Most $ex in porn is actually not fun for women. Porn focuses on genital stimulation and good $ex is about whole body experiences.
#2 Endurance


In general endurance is over rated. Just because women want $ex to last longer than 60 seconds doesn’t mean they want it to go on for hours. The vagina’s ability to self lubricate doesn’t go on forever. So pay attention to her and see how long she wants it.
#3 Knowledge


Most women actually know what will bring them to orgasm. So when you are trying this or trying that and nothing is working it’s more likely that she doesn’t want to tell you than that she doesn’t know. She’s had practice bringing herself to orgasm with masturbation, so developing…

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