Theory Lecture 4: Black Arts UK

Robin Leverton's Art Blog

The Uk Black Arts movement grew out of the Post-Colonial state which was concerned with the impact and implications of colonialism on the current state (A Post ‘-ism’ being the transformed presence of the ‘-ism’). The mid 20th century saw global independence movements from British rule to self-governance including the Indian and Kenyan Independence movements along with civil rights movements of racial, sexual and gender equalities. The UK Black Arts movement grew amongst the second generation immigrants to the UK who had come in great numbers due to the amount of workers that were needed after the war.

Modernism was thought to be ‘the universal art form’, to be accessible to all, yet many of the migrant artists who believed it would be possible to come to Britain and be engaged in modern art practice weren’t accepted as they would have hoped. Outsider modernists were deemed to be second rate appropriators…

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