20 Ways to Know You're In a Mature Relationship.

Kit Gabucan


Quick question. Are you in a mature relationship? Well, that’s a tough one huh? To tell you honestly there is no such thing as perfect relationship. Even if it seems perfect now, it won’t always be. However, it is through love and acceptance that makes one relationship ideal. For me, Mature relationship ends with marriage. It is in marriage you show that there is faith in God, that HE is the center of your relationship. It’s a vow to keep, FOREVER.

So I asked friends randomly on their stand on what a mature relationship is.  Let’s see what my friends have to say about it, below are 20 notes that might help you.

20 Ways to Know You’re In a Mature Relationship:

  1. Thinking and planning for the future together. Don’t think of your own personal satisfaction but that of your partners’ as well.(Adeva, 22)
  2. It’s mature when you don’t feel like competing for your partner’s attention all the…

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