Now That You’re Single What To Look For In Your Next Intimate Relationship

The Art of Living: Sacred Sexuality, Love, Spirituality

Going from TAKEN to single can be a very confusing time. The difficult part about being single again is readjusting from the awesome feeling of intimate companionship to nothing at all. Often times what you remember most after a breakup are the sultry kisses, sensual touches, the moments that touched a deeper part of you, and well the SEX. If you are a person who openly talks to your friends about your romantic life one of the first things to come up is how’s the sex and unfortunately its one of those thoughts that linger after the breakup. Going cold turkey from these activities can be equated to quitting one of your guilty pleasures, like emotional binge shopping, it feels so good in the moment but afterwards you end up broke and waiting for your next paycheck. Instead of placing your next relationship’s fate on the whim of your emotions…

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