Thank You God for letting me Serve The Devil

I was able to pay Rent Today
Thank You God
Up to date with my credit card payment
Thank you God
Bought a happy meal, no nutrition but it made my stomach smile
So Thank You God
Enough money to buy a new TV
Thank You God
Had just enough cash so my girl wouldn’t be mad at me on V-day
Thank You God
Got some new sneakers, now I can walk proud with the world
Thank You God
Phone company said I can upgrade to the new IPhone
Thank You God
Taxes came back and now my bank account reads stacks
Thank You God…For allowing me to serve the Devil
So that we can both me happy
You are so awesome because without me being able to do these things
Me and you couldn’t even be on the same page
Thank You, incase I don’t thank you for anything else


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