Men will NEVER understand women…. PERIOD!

Even as a man reading this, I can agree with everything said here. For men, we believe that some things can be too good to be true, that is why we view certain things as a test and treat it as such. I myself am bold, I’d like to test if it’s actually a test my woman ia doing on me or not. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t, you have to be willing to take that risk, and woman also like a risk taking man a lot.

This Black sister tells no lies

I had a nice fulfilling chat with a friend of mine this morning. I went to him frustrated by how my relationship has turned out. I got to a point where I said to him “I think my boyfriend is going to dump me”. Confused and completely annoyed by my assumption, I went on to explain to him that I caught him flirting with numerous girls on his phone. They were talking about sex, f*cking and all that dirty stuff. My friend giggled and said something I will never forget, he said “All those girls mean nothing to him, he is doing what every guy does, just being fascinated”.

My response was why can’t he be that fascinated with me? My boyfriend never spits out the word fucking to me, or anything dirty even when I send him a message telling him that “I am very horny baby, can’t wait…

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