That topic of size…You know? "That size" *hint hint*

This Black sister tells no lies

Doggy Style

There is a lot of speculation going around about this topic. Do women prefer a BIG size or a small size, or  does it REALLY not matter? Does it?

Well, what is BIG exactly? Personally, I think the sight of a bulge or swelling in a mans pants can excite any woman. It’s that whole idea of “Gosh! He wants me”. Truly, that is exciting for any woman.

But, a lot of men don’t know this and they have this idea that a BIG Penis is what pleases every woman. Actually no… For some, maybe. But for a lot of women, a BIG penis is very painful. As one of my girl friends said “Hmmmm well it cant be toooo small like pinky finger size…. Or toooo big…. And it all really depends on a mans skills”

Yes! If it is smaller than your pinky, uhm… It matters a lot…

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