What defines a sexless marriage?

Living in a Sexless Relationship.

Sexless marriageYou want to know how dry your relationship has to be before you can call it a sexless one? The answer is: Sex no more than ten times than a year.

All searches on this topic produce similar outcomes. Dr Phil.com reports:

“15 to 20 percent of couples have sex no more than 10 times a year, which experts define as a sexless marriage.”

There, you have the answer you were looking for without having to browse hundreds of sites and thousands of bits of text to get it… but it may not be the number you were hoping for. Some will say its too high, especially those on the receiving end of a partner’s accusation, others will say it’s too low and needs to be reassessed to be realistic.

Forget about the number. The number isn’t the real issue.


When someone is looking for a number like this they’re measuring something against…

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One thought on “What defines a sexless marriage?

  1. Actually mine is more pathetic me and my husband hasn’t had sex in over a year he isn’t cheating he is always around, and if he leaves he calls and tells me what he did while he was gone. I know sex isn’t everything but it’s frustrating for me and a struggle now , I have now thought about divorce because not only has he kept me in abstinence he calls me stupid, idiot, and calls me a whore and I haven’t cheated etc he doesn’t like me but he stays ……why ?


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