The You that You don’t see

Our Voice Our Generation Our Truth

Are you somewhere today that you weren’t the day before? A month before? What about a year before?
If so, then congratulate yourself.
You have progressed, you have evolved, you are a different you!
Life moves so fast for most of us and in this day and age, everything is so fast paced that at times we forget to notice ourselves. I know it’s the case for me.

As a college student, and working a part time job, I’m always on the move from one thing to another. It’s always school or homework. I can’t finish homework because work is in the next hour. I go to work, come back, try to finish homework so I can get a little sleep in, then wake up the next day to repeat the process.
Now what is one thing I did not mention me doing? Eating.
That’s right, I hardly have time…

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