You Cheat? She Forgives You. She Cheats? It’s over…. Why?

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Men, what are we known as? Or better yet, what have they said about us for years?

I know I’ve heard some things like, we don’t really think about what we do half of the time, we are usually at times “fuck ups” when it comes to making certain decisions. They’ve said, “don’t leave it up to a man to do this” or “men mess up, that’s their nature”. I mean I’ve heard it all growing up raised in a household full of women and even in school I was taught the difference of a mans nature compared to a woman’s nature. So when we cheat, we expect our women to of course be mad and give us hell, but to also forgive and give us another chance… then another chance.. and another chance.. We expect the chances, why? Because we expect women to understand that, “it’s our nature” “we…

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