For My Sweet America

War… Who initiates it?
Hate… Who practice it?
Crime… How does it exist?
Death… Who aids in its coming?
Why is there an inability to unite as a people of one nation, so that we the people, under one God, can be invisible and have liberty, & justice for all? Miss Sweet America, can we truly be lovers of God, if we are unable to love our own neighbor? If we speak and think hate, if we kill, if we can deny our own people because of either physical, mental, or characteristic differences, in what deity do we trust? This is what you teach my Sweet America. To hate thy neighbor, to not trust thy friend, to question thy lover, and to kill, not love, thy enemy. By the choices that we choose to make, it defines who we are. For each individual, it means disrespect to the holy name to say that we love God, when we abandon him in our actions.
Who are we Black people? We fear and hate our own yet we yell out to the world with our voices so proud and strong, “Black Lives Matter!” Yet, this is only when it’s the white man who kills him, because we can understand when it’s our brothers own blood on our hands? Who are we black men? Are we honorable? Are we worthy to announce ourselves as kings or Gods when we disrespect the one who brings life unto this planet, the black woman? Who are you black woman? Are you the Queen you wish to be respected as, and approached as if you are such, when you degrade yourselves, and allow yourselves to be degraded in a manner that puts you in a place that is less than human?
To the new age of Revolutionaries who say they love their people, how hypocritical are you? Do you truly love your people? In your groups, which you form for protests and gatherings, do you accept all of your own to be among you? Would you accept a homeless man who is your “brother”? Do you still not judge your own behind curtains? Do you not still look down upon your own people? Are you not still present & active in the same events which you say you’re against? That you shout is “degrading!” Alcohol consumption, drug taking, spending your money within non-black owned businesses. Is what you speak to the public the complete opposite of what you speak among yourselves in private? So what are your motives as a revolutionist? Is it for popularity? Is it to gain a higher rank in a social status, to fulfill your own ego? Or is it because it will look pretty on your resume? Perhaps these are just the times when it is cool to shout “Black Power”.
Unless we as a collective, quit preaching and start taking action on bringing together our people regardless of where they are from, who they are, with the intentions to create a system of peace & love, so that black lives do not have to fear for their own lives when they in the company of their own brothers and sisters, we are no revolutionaries. Unless we can bring the truth as it is meant to be given, so that we will not have to fear our lives around anyone and anywhere we go, we are no revolutionaries.
My dear revolutionaries, as the Author Iyanla Vanzant said in her book “The Spirit of A Man”, “Doing is physical. It is action. Being, on the other hand, is spiritual.” I hope what you take from that quote resembles what I was able to attain from it.
We live in a country that feasts on competition; there is always someone who must prove that they are better than someone else. It is against the law of our ego which we value to be so high, for us to allow anyone to overshadow or outshine us. We are fed with currency to aid us in this competition. We are competitors in the survival of the fittest game “Hunger Games”. Man will use money so that he can look better than another man, and with hopes that he’ll attract the eye of another woman. Man will spend money to get rid of another man, and then seduce that same mans woman. Man uses money to exploit his own brother, to sacrifice the love for his own mother. A woman will use money to outshine her sister, so that she can gain the eyes of all men. A woman will use the value of money to begin a war between men, just to show the power she is capable of having. Woman is pimped by money to be a hoe to the game. Man believes that he must be better than another man. He believes that there can only be one lion who rules over the jungle, instead of unity that would create an army of lions. Woman believes that there should be no other woman who stands before her, and than any woman who shines and is not she, must be a “bitch” or a “whore”.
Everything I have said are all things which I have witnessed right before my eyes. Competition will never end, because there can never be a last man standing.
We are the children of America, the richest country in debt, debt in good, yet rich of so much evil. The country where when foreigners arrive for a better life, their feet walk with innocence until one encounter with us. Then they are seduced into a life they can never escape. We the people, help made America what it is; the country that decided to turn against God in order to be God and the land claimed by many gods…
The judge of all things different, the assassin of all persons who speak against it, the decision maker for where lives should be and how they shall be lived, and we the people raise our children to love these gods. Miss Sweet America. When our children begin to hate, degrade, kill, and laugh as they do it just as they’ve seen in the actions of the gods they look up to and worship, we send them to institutions that train them to be far worse than from which they came.
There is no solution to this. As long as America continues to teach her children to be as sweet as she is and WE, the people who know, continue to allow it, there will be no solution. People will continue to say they love when their hearts hate. People will still kill, yet mourn at funerals. People will continue to say that they love one God, as they worship many.
My sweet America, from this land you’ve inhabited for your unrighteous gain, when shall you let my people go?…



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