Understand It

My senses are numb. I can’t feel it anymore. Soul, where have you gone? It seems like time took you with it, and you changed too. Will you not come back?
It saddens me to have to say that we have lost. Who are “we”? The black man, my fellow kings, and the black woman, my soul Queens, we. “What do you mean we’ve lost?” Well, it is impossible to claim victory, when you can also claim defeat. The mental destruction for the majority of my fellow brothers (the black man) is the woman he is with. And the soul lost by many black women, is due to the little boy, whom she believes is a man, whom she has allowed to use her heart as a Rubik’s Cube. But, he could never get the puzzle right. There is no blaming the white man for this. If we are indeed the intelligent beings which we claim to be, then our claims should not allow us to put faults on anyone but ourselves. Take the responsibility. I too have been amongst those without sight, without ear, and without tongue. And I am still a student of life. But that does not mean I cannot beat into the minds that are caught up in the storm, the lessons which I have learned.
Men, a countless number of our actions are in response to our woman. Certain things we do, we do to please our women. And there are things that we don’t do, due to the response we know we would receive from our women. This is how society has molded you. Ever been called whipped? Or have you ever tried calling someone else whipped? Well what does whipped mean?
The Dictionary defines whipped as, Exhausted, tired, beat; to be subdued or defeated.
Men are like, “I ain’t defeated by my woman! I haven’t bowed down to her! What you mean by subdued? You calling me a pussy!” Well, I didn’t quite say it like that. I’ll break it down. For whom it may concern.
You allow your woman to call you a nigga. You let your woman watch things that condition her mind to hate you. You never mind it when your woman is incapable of nurturing, and you don’t believe that it is necessary for her to at least have hunger, for what she lacks. You allow your woman to be the kind of woman who believes that glory is in the amount of likes she receives on Instagram. You don’t allow yourself to be a man for your woman. Now I’m not telling any man to go out and control his woman or that it’s in a man’s place to control his woman. But we are men! There are times when it is needed for us to put our foot down. See that is where the respect has been lost. You have your class A who are afraid to put their foot down and be the Man, that his woman naturally desires him to be; then you have your class B who believes that putting his foot down, means tossing a few blows to his lady’s rib cage. Then they get pissed off when you don’t identify them as a “Real Man.” Women have no respect for either class. Why should they? But they either pretend to, or boldly show it (depending on which class you fall in). Ego, it restrains us all but from doing what is actually right.
You know the devil is real when there is a “baby momma” and a “baby daddy”. The children have been forgotten. Our pride is more important. Men fear to be fathers and women fight the thought of having children. Though, once a child has arrived in the picture, there is a parent missing from the portrait. This is known as something normal. Men run away from home because they cannot take the mental beat down he receives from his woman, which she has been instructed to do. Some men don’t know how to be fathers, and some women are too lazy to be mothers. Therefore, the children are adopted by the streets and the world around them. They are taught how to hate themselves, and to fear, not fight, what has enslaved them. Out of confusion, they love it.
So yes king, you have been subdued. Your man spirit is quiet; it has been restrained from your heart so you’re handicapped from being able to see, understand, respect, and see True Love. You’ve been beaten in the mind to live backwards by understanding evil more than you can practice what is good. Digest these different portions of a meal that I have prepared on one plate for you. Feed your soul and get back your man spirit.
Queen, Queen, Queen. You beat & batter yourself, love. Lovers of God, miss independent, the strong black woman who could never be defeated, love, you’ve got to stop. You have to stop lying to yourself thinking that it keeps you healthy because you have a few fans of your words. God is not your go to for guidance, understanding, & direction. How could he be? It’s nice to hear pastor preach his word. You feel good for that moment or perhaps the whole day. But what truly happens when you leave that church? What do you leave still sitting still at the same place where you and everyone around you were seated? Faith, in him. Once the world steps in and tells you “this is how it is and this is the proper response for that”, your faith turns, to it. You hear those lyrics (we don’t fuck with you, we don’t fuck with you nigga, we don’t fuck with you) repeated in your head or this fantastic line (I hit the strip with my trap queen cause all we know is bands) Beautiful. Now the whole, “love thy neighbor”, “I shall have an open heart cause God told me so”, thing goes out the window. You’ve just been instructed that you should have a “fuck people” mentality. No matter what you believed in on Sunday. The past no longer matters. You’ve been instructed that the type of Queen you are is one who traps (helps her man sells drugs and keep alive the system which conditions the minds of her own people to believe that they aren’t made to survive). Now all you know is bands. When that money reaches your hand then, who’s God?
I’m active on social media; I’m regularly in public/social environments where I can study my people. I study the world. My people sing, “we are kings & queens! We have to get our birthrights back! Yo they really stole from us! We have to get in touch with our ancestors again.” Although it somewhat warms my heart to hear my people speak out that they are consciously aware, I’m having trouble believing if my people are identifying who they are, or are we caught up in a trend and all of this is just a game of follow the leader.
We are in the reality era. It is necessary to please the ears and eyes of watchers, in order to be identified as a somebody. You have your different categories of a somebody. You have the things you value and people you want to know that you exist. They require that you fit in at least one category in order to be counted as someone who is alive.
My Kings, My Queens. It’s nice to call ourselves that, but that is not who we are, not right now. It is who we once were when we once had a different understanding of the universe and its laws, and we owned our knowledge of self. It is possible for us to be the Kings & Queens we say we are and be respected as such. We have to let the world and its ways go. We have to leave behind the things that we know are toxic, and not look back on its memories. Give up the fear of judgment, the fear of loss, and fear itself. Let go of anger, frustrations, and desires. We have to look in the mirror and say “I love you” not to your human, but to the presence of God in you. That is the true way to have a connection and true love for God. To know that he lives within you and you are a manifestation of him. Recognize this, without disbelief or denial. “Black people”, cannot “awaken” without the knowledge of the power of the spirit within us all.
We can be the soul food for our planet but as of now, we are its fast food. Once we’re ordered in, we’re taken out.



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