Still Swingin 

I know this scent. I’ve smelt it before. This scent that’s being carried by the wind out here on this beautiful day. It’s the smell of innocence. The last time this scent was under my nose well, I was a child. A happy little boy. 

I think I was at the park, yeah, the memory is sort of clear. I was waiting for my turn to get a taste of the water from the water fountain, and had just came from playing in the sprinklers with a group of kids who I had never met before in my life, but we played as if we were best friends. Those were the days. You can’t do that anymore. 

I have a corona by my side right now. Ha, the irony. The last time I met this scent, all I wanted was one of those 25 cent juices in the grenade bottle. You know, the one where you had to push your thumb through the plastic cover in order to open it. My favorite was the blue kind. Ahh, the good ole days. When life’s purpose was video games, playing outside, and not getting caught in tag. Oh and doing your best not to get a whooping from mom or dad lol. 

A lot of us wanted to grow up so fast and, we all got what we wished for. Time said, “Hi… Ok now bye!” “since you don’t love me enough to cherish me, I’m gone.” I didn’t even get a chance to give it one last big hug. Damn, now look at me. Drinking a fucking corona. Look at me, saying fucking. Can you believe it? You wanted so bad to leave the days when playing with Dragon Ball z toys and eating Lunchables could’ve been the only thing you did for the whole day, and it wouldn’t matter tomorrow. 

Childhood man. I can smell the play-doe now. That’s also where I remember this scent from. So sweet. Spring time, classroom windows open as the breeze calmly makes its way in. Some kids fell asleep, some were intrigued by the sound of the other kids who were outside on the swings. Teacher joyfully teaching, kids excited, and you’re just writing…. 


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