Is She Speaking The Truth? "A Grown Woman Should Not Need To Be Handled"

I’ve had to say quite a few things that were very similar to what was said in this video. Now, I cannot say “all woman”, because that would put every single woman on this earth in this one category when obviously if all women were like as she described, this video would not exist. But there are women who purposely act of their own character, are very extreme with their emotions and purposely put up a wall that men keep bumping into only to fall down, and prevent a man from being a “man” for her, because she wants to be tamed as if she’s an animal and the way she expects to be tamed, means you have to become a yes man, and live your life in pleasing to her likeness. This is the woman who you see on your timeline, who consistently cries out “there’s no real men in this world”, “I need a man who can understand that I may be crazy, but I’m loyal.” Yeah, I’ve seen that.


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