4 Brutal Truths Why You Want To Be With Someone Who Doesn't Love You Back

Thought Catalog

Love is blissful when it is reciprocated, but what if it isn’t? As much as we may wish it to be otherwise, some people may not want to be with us in the way we want them to be with them.

This is awfully difficult for some people to accept. Why do some people continue to pursue someone not interested in them?

1. You’re projecting what you want to be true.

Projection is a term that’s often used in psychology to describe the ways in which we tend to see things in another person that don’t apply to them. Often these imagined qualities carry the weight of our own unlived dreams, abilities and impulses. In old fairy-tales, projection was depicted by pixie dust or other sorts of magic that would charm less fortunate characters.

In real life, projections operate more strongly when we are admiring a person from a distance…

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