Behind A Cats Meow

What’s amazing? This world is, and how the people in it never fail to feed my amusement. What’s the one thing we like to do? Play God and judge our peers. People paint a picture of someone that they don’t know, and believe that they have the perfect picture of that someone and not even have a name to go with it. These pictures just make the self feel good.
Social Media is very popular, we’re all on it. What’s also popular? The people who were able to use the internet as their personal advocate and become social media famous. Believe it or not, these people get per-judged the most. They get called stuck up and are believed to feel as if they are better than everyone else. I won’t lie, I’m at fault for once believing this as well, but then after speaking to an IG famous girl, I learned that many claims that were made about “Preppy” and “pretty” looking females, are false. Here is what a female had to say about her own experiences with being judged by her looks.


Assumptions: There are a lot of negative stereotypes that come with being attractive. Stuck up, mean, crazy, and gold digger to name a few. The funny part is, neither I nor any of the pretty women I know are like this. Some of us are in school, some have jobs, some are in relationships, and others are singe. We are humans. These negative thoughts people have about attractive people (before getting to know them) stems from that persons own insecurities. “That person may not like me, so I’m going to diss them first.” It’s a logic that lacks logic & self esteem.
I’d hate to put a distinction on people and say that there’s an attractive & unattractive side, but just to narrow down the point I’m trying to make, I’ll continue on.
I’ve actually found that unattractive, or non-sociable people are usually the ones with a chip on their soldier, being rude for no reason. I don’t want to take away from the issues unattractive people face, but I feel like our issues are two sides of the same coin as far as assumptions go. I can sense insecure people, they tend to try to mistreat or treat me different based on my looks alone. Therefore, I do have to be on guard around new people. I have trust issues, with good reason. I am also very assertive and don’t let people all walk over me. You can’t be too nice & pretty, or you’re screwed. It sucks.
Dating/Friendships: Despite what you see on tv, dating can be quite difficult for extremely attractive women. Its that untouchable effect where we intimidate most men. We do, however, have great luck with assholes because they are the only ones with enough balls to approach us. We get tired of being alone, so we go along with it. Mind blown right? And you thought beautiful women liked d-bags. Nope, its actually the other way around. What all women like are confident men & losers actually come off as confident, while they good guys stay watching from the sidelines.
I’ve had men tell me I’m “intimidating”, even when I’ve made it easy for them by doing the approaching. Quite a few guys I’ve been with have caught “performance anxiety” & couldn’t even perform in bed because they were “nervous”, as one said to be “I’ve never been with a girl as fine as you.” That isn’t a compliment, it says you’ve put me on a high pedestal & now you’re punking out because you think you’re not good enough. Well, guess what, I believe you. Now you aren’t good enough because that’s what you’ve decided for yourself.
Social Media: I am what you could consider “IG Popular,” with over 5k followers. People ask how I did it. The thing is, you can’t be stingy with likes or comments. It’s not a contest to see who can get the most likes, its a community you must participate in, or people won’t like you much. You also have to post good quality pictures that others would like. This takes 1 year sometimes.
Do likes and comments boost my self esteem? Yes. Am I obsessed with it? No. Some people leave really sweet or funny comments & it does make my day, but I’m not on it 24’7, contrary to what people may believe. I only post about twice a day. I also like to go on blogs such as this one during my down time… So yeah, that’s it. I hope I answered most of the questions that you or anyone else may have had…



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