For A Uniting Purpose 

Truth is beautiful. Truth is what allows the mind to be free from the prison of its imaginative fears, because fear is not real, fear only exists from the thoughts we put into it. Yet, truth is not as captivating as fear is, when it comes to dealing with the affairs of life. This is due to the lack of aid, and the hands that aren’t reached out to help bring truth up to where it may stand firm. The worst is one can commit is to see something he can change for the good of another and in return, himself, yet do nothing at all. 

Although many voices shout at the podium, silence still rules their tongues because an individual can only maintain so much strength, a strength that does not compare to that of an army. Individuals are also more prone to the captivates fear than those who have supporters beside them. Once a setback has hit a man, and he has neither a friend nor brother to look upon to help him rise above and conquer whatever wall has formed in front of him, he will become its subject. 

Nothing is accomplished alone. 

I did not create my blog for me alone. This is a home. A home with an open door for every person either seeking to create a family, or to extend their own. My blog is your personal megaphone, where voices can be heard and not judged. Judgement is why many people lock themselves with silence. People fear being wrong, to sound stupid, and to be outcasted because of their own thoughts and feelings. Only judgement that is made by anyone other than God is what is wrong, is indeed foolish, and should be outcasted from humanity. Though, judgement is real, and the thoughts of fear live in many. That is why we must tell the quiet ones that their voice matters, and that their whole world can change just by sharing something they hold so deep out of fear of being rejected because of it. My blog was created for stories to be shared, voices to be heard, and advices to be given. 


So brother, reach out to the stranger you see because he is your brother and she is your sister. The same for the women. For in relationships, do not down play each other’s feelings nor must you feel the need to force your own opinions down upon your companion. Speak words gently and share feelings through understanding. For if the love is real, this will be possible. Arguments occur through frustration and missed communication. So communicate wisely by first taking steps to understand the emotions going on within the person whom you are communicating with. Pass these instructions through all of your relationships, especially faily new ones, for they will grow to last.

For those who have personal stories of trials & tribulations, you are not alone. Seek for others who may share in your sympathy and have been through a situation similar to yours. Share your experiences among each other, and to others together, and become one voice. This is what helps people see that they are not alone, and it is what delivers people the help they may need. None of us are truly a lone. The belief is that we are because, no one is saying “I’m here. How can I help? Well let’s do it together.” 

Through collaboration, True Love can change this world. 



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