We were discussing what true love is or what it means.And everybody has a different opinion so this is what they said.

1} True love is a wild bird who doesn’t know what rules are about,If you don’t love me,i may love you,and if i do love you,watch out.

2} True love is like a ghost,everyone talks about it but very few have seen and experienced it.

3} True love is friendship caught on fire.

4} True love is the greatest energy in the word and the least expensive.

5} True love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two people.

6} True love is to feel what the other is feeling even if they’re far away.

7} True love is the sweetest of dreams and the worst of nightmares.

8} True love is an attempt to change a piece of dream world into reality.

9} True love is haunting…

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