32 Lies Women Tell Themselves When They're In Denial About Wanting To Break Up With Their Boyfriend

Thought Catalog

1. I’ve invested so much effort already. I can’t just give it all up and start from square one.

2. If I give him the space and time he’s asking for, everything will go back to normal.

3. In the beginning, our chemistry was pure magic. It’ll be forever before I find someone else I can get so close to again.

4. It’s my fault things have gotten so bad lately. And it’s up to me to make things right again.

5. I should count myself lucky to have someone—even if he isn’t exactly there for me.

6. I just don’t see myself being any better off without him. I won’t be happy if I’m single. I’ll just be lonely.

8. If he’s not showing interest in me anymore, I should just be more interesting.

9. He wasn’t really flirting with that waitress, or those girls at the party last…

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