Does The Universe Fight For Souls To Be Together?

Thought Catalog

We fell in love quickly and without hesitation. A strange deviation for me. I had never been a person of rash and flippant decision when it came to romance. I had always been calculated, distant, and unavailable, not out of any sort of strategy, but out of fear. Fear kept me from a lot of things, but perhaps the most poignant was that it kept me from love and opening myself to another person. It kept me from something fundamental: intimate human connection.

It was surprising how quickly I fell in love with my now-husband. There was no room for calculation or distance or unavailability with him. He commanded my attention in a way that no one else had. There was no overthinking necessary, no waiting by the phone, no lingering text messages. We were both in it, fully, without even needing to say anything, not that we could. He…

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