Leaders at Home

The most important and influential mentors & teachers for children and growing young men & women, are not found in institutions or their classrooms, they are in the places where these young men & women, and young children lay their heads. They are in the home.


Children are sent to school to get educated & tested on material that is assigned to a paid teacher or professor, who then assigns the material to the students. A majority of the parents and older siblings of these children, expect for these institutions to provide all the necessary material to raise their own children, so that they are ready for the real world when it’s their time to face it. But that is where the mistake happens.


Children begin facing the real world once they have learned to talk, communicate with the things they see and hear, and know that there are differences among people and things. The reality that children learn to understand and how to respond to, is the reality that goes on in their homes. Parents, you know that from when you were trying to teach your baby how to speak, you had to consistency repeat a word until they became familiar with it and then finally said it themselves. Well this is exactly how children continue to learn & grow, they adapt to consistency.
imageIf you are always arguing at home, your children will adapt to the anger, frustration, and the negative energy that is passed on in the midst of the argument. They will then adopt that nature and take that same kind of energy with them each time they step out the home. This is done subconsciously. It’s the same for if there is peace in the home. Your child will be used to a peaceful environment and be more familiar with positive than negative energy, and they will carry that with them wherever they go as well.


As children grow, they look up to their older siblings and they pay attention to the interaction between their siblings and their parents or any elder. So if they see the communication between both being in constant disagreements, arguments, and rebellion, they will eventually adapt to that nature, and then adopt that same kind of communication.
What is learned from home, is taken into the “real world”, before what was taught at school.
I would advise homeschooling before any public or private institutional schooling.


Parents, older siblings and elders, your life lessons are most important for the younger generation to learn. What you have learned from your own mistakes, needs to be passed on to the children so that when they grow older, if faced with a similar situation, they’ll know to handle it accordingly, or they’ll already know how to avoid it altogether. What you have gained knowledge on about the world and the types of people that walk its Earth, needs to be passed on to the next generation so they will know how to deal with the deceivers, the untrustworthy, the honest & the dishonest, when they come in contact with them.
It is important for you to teach the powers of hate, jealousy, & fear,to children, before they learn the wrong way by being taught that it is either good to practice it, or become victim to it. Teach the difference between strength and weakness, and the power of love in each.
Teach the children how to be reliant on themselves and the difference between an honest partnership & falsehood, so that they won’t become someone’s property, and be misused by everyone they connect with.
Teach these things by being activists of these things, so you are not just talking. Children, as they grow, hear lectures but learn from what they vision.
Be honest and faithful among each other, so that the next generation can grow to see the right and proper way to conduct themselves. Give the books that are forbidden in institutions, but delivers knowledge that is neither sugar coated or sweetened just to please an audience.


I encourage teaching the game chess, to both the children and young men & women while they are at their pre-mature age. Teach them the value of the King & the Queen. Teach them how to maintain proper order in a household and that everyone has their own role that they play. Teach them to already two moves ahead, in everything that they do.


I encourage that you teach the value of prayer, so that they’ll know that when faced in difficult situations where it seems like options are limited and there are not many alternative routes to take, that they can rely on faith.


The leaders at home; parents, older siblings, and all elders. You need to be conscious and aware of everything that you do and say. It is you who are in charge of raising the future. Everything that you are now, can reflect on how the future will look tomorrow. If this responsibility is now handled by you, then you should be satisfied by how the world and its people are now, because it is how the world will remain to be, and the people will be who your children idolize, thus who they will grow to become.
This is a status I came across on my Facebook timeline, that I encourage all parents, whether together or separated, to do for their children.



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