Ciara's Black Girls Rock Performance- A No, No!

First off, I would like to say that the Black Girls Rock event last night on April 5th was beautiful, and our first lady, Michelle Obama, delivered a beautiful speech. Yet, there was one thing off about the event to me. It was Ciara performing her song ‘I Bet’. Now, I’m not saying that she cannot sing or that it wasn’t a beautiful song because, indeed it was and she is indeed a great singer. My issue is that she chose to sing that particular song at the event. With the event’s theme being to uplift young black girls and women, and to show what black women represent, I do not believe that this particular song of sorrow was appropriate. I do not believe that her singing about how she was abused (mentally & emotionally) by a black man, and the separation of a black couple due to a black man who wasn’t able to treat his woman right, was appropriate for entertaining the ears of the many young black girls who were both present at the event, and watching at home. It’s definitely not the type of noise I want my daughter hearing, and you shouldn’t either. Don’t we have enough of these songs already?
Now, before I go any further, I would like to make clear that this is not a post bashing the singer, but a post simply clarifying that as a black man, I’ve had enough of our people adding the fuel to the fire against black people, by speaking more highly on how our relationships don’t work, vs how they do.
I am an advocate for BLACK LOVE because the media is a very strong advocate for black separation. The music, “Reality Shows” such as Love & Hip Hop, and shows like Empire & The Game. You just can’t see a black couple get it right. Marriages never last, and relationships never last long for marriage. And who needs enemy’s when we promote these things ourselves?
I thought about the young daughters and the young sons who were watching this show as well as those in the crowd. No matter where they go or what channel they flip to, they are bound to hear something negative about their own people more so are they are to hear something positive.Now I’ll say this once again, Black Girls Rock was an amazing event, it was beautiful, but children pick up on the smallest thing quick, and they are more interested in figuring out the why’s to a negative, than a positive.
The ceremony should have stayed strict on being an event that promotes black women and the love they bring. For themselves, for their children, and to their husbands.
I mentioned my opinion on Ciara’s performance last night on instagram and someone tried to argue with me, saying that I was overreacting my opinion.She said, “Black men hurt black women everyday. I applaud Ciara. She revealed the naked truth.”
“Is the “naked truth” not revealed enough?” I asked her. It’s shown well enough on all forms of media, especially social media. It’s actually shown too much. So wait a minute.. What is the naked truth? That a black woman can’t be with a black man without him hurting her some way? That a black woman is a subject to a black mans wrath? That a black man is incapable of fully and truly loving his black woman? Yes it’s true, we live in a huge world and a black woman is hurt by a black man everyday as well as a black man is hurt by a black woman everyday. But here are some other truths. White men hurt white women everyday. Asian men hurt Asian women everyday. Hispanic men hurt Hispanic women everyday. But guess what gets shown on TV, and in music everyday, black men hurting black women, EVERYDAY.
This is why I made TruLovExists, to show the other side that does not get seen that often, and does not get as much publicity. 
We get it now, this happens.


We know what goes on in our homes. 
But can we put out more of the image of this…


To our children.
TruLove, Black Love, ladies & gentlemen no matter what they try to tell you, it does EXIST.

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