The Unspoken Rules Of Breaking Up

Thought Catalog

I need to understand what you want from me. I need rules. I need boundaries.

I’ve never done this before. I don’t know what I’m doing. Are the games and mixed signals normal? Are there societal expectations I’m supposed to follow?

You don’t get to say “Honestly, I see us getting back together once the summer’s over” or “I wish I could just fast forward to twenty-five and marry you”. You can’t have both; you can’t be single, telling me to “move on” and also keep stringing me along. I don’t deserve to be a safety net in case you realize you made a mistake.

Am I supposed to text you when I get good news I’d been waiting for? If you call me drunk at two in the morning on a Saturday night, am I supposed to answer?

If nothing else, it’s just hard to break habits. It’s hard…

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